Hi, I’m Jace.
Will you help me out?

I’m a fictional character to you. The superheroes in these comics are fictional characters to me. And maybe this whole thing keeps nesting down, or maybe this circles around, and you’re a fictional character to them.

I need your help, because there’s a book about me YOU CAN PRE-ORDER NOW! If you don’t, then my novel gets no comics in it. That’s a problem, since it’s also about my buddy, Skye, a comic book character who decides to kill his author. People are getting all kinds of cool stuff for pre-ordering–pics of them with superheroes, extra short stories and books, and even weird stuff like a trip to Puerto Rico, stone rings, and secret rewards. If you can help me solve the impossible puzzle, for a cash prize, that would be cool, too. We’re written by professional scifi author Jen Finelli, so people are excited.

You can also read our amateur webcomic, up there. Sometimes it’s PG-13ish around here. Minimal swearing and fewer sexual themes than you’d see in a PG-13 movie, but still unsuitable for like, a five-year-old, probably. Cartoon violence more than anything else. We’re more likely to discuss sensitive themes than depict them, so we shouldn’t be triggering, but we’ll always try to be open with you about what to expect, because on the other hand we don’t want to be afraid of reality, either.

We’ll update with a new chunk of story–in whatever form–every Tuesday and Friday. For now, make sure to check out the book synopsis to learn more about the comic book character who shoots his author! Sound good? Okay! See you soon!

~Jace Howard

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