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Hi, I’m Jace.

I’m a fictional character to you. The superheroes in these comics are fictional characters to me. And maybe this whole thing keeps nesting down, or maybe this circles around, and you’re a fictional character to them.

There’s a book about me (and a comic book character who decides to shoot his author) coming out in 2017, and until then, if you choose to stay here with me you’ll find yourself in a meta-mixed-media universe about my comic books, where comic, short story, spoken tale, and real life possibilities and issues collide into something hopefully some of you will participate in. This isn’t a spectator sport.

It is a contact sport, though. My metaphor’s breaking down, but I’m trying to tell you it’s probably PG-13ish around here. Minimal swearing and fewer sexual themes than you’d see in a PG-13 movie, but still unsuitable for like, a nine-year-old. Cartoon violence more than anything else. We’re more likely to discuss sensitive themes than depict them, so we shouldn’t be triggering, but we’ll always try to be open with you about what to expect, because on the other hand we don’t want to be afraid of reality, either.

We’ll update with a new chunk of story–in whatever form–every Tuesday and Friday. For now, make sure to check out the book synopsis to learn more about the comic book character who shoots his author! Sound good? Okay! See you soon!

~Jace Howard

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