Hej, Jeg er Jace.

Jeg er en fiktiv person til dig. Superhelte i disse tegneserier er fiktive karakterer til mig. Og måske hele denne ting holder nesting ned, eller måske dette cirkler omkring, og du er en fiktiv person til dem. Whoa.

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At blive helt is the novel about a comic character who gets fed up with his life and shoots his authortold through eyes of the comics fan who’s got to choose between the real world and the comics world to stop him.

This webcomic details some of the adventures inside the comic book that’s inside the novel. Confused? Watch the video! Or read the book. Or, if you think you’re super-good at math, and want money for it, click on the link to Skye’s puzzle above. Have fun, people!

~ Jace Howard

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