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Ein Sänger nutzt seinen Patreon, um einen Wald anzubauen! #Superheldalal #music

Hey Superpeeps! Das heutige #superheroalert feiert die kleinen Schritte, die wir unternehmen können, Einer nach dem anderen, das führte schließlich zu wahrem Heldentum…wie die Samen, die zu einem Baum wachsen.

(See how I did that topical transition, dort? That’s what they pay me the writer dollaz* for)

So say hi to Nate Maingard, Superpeeps! (He says hi back.) While Nate’s not dying for a cause in spandex, I do think a shout-out to him can help us on our #BecomingHero journey because he’s doing something above and beyond what most other musicians do when they ask for money: he’s giving it back! For every $10 donated to his Patreon, he’s helping a little tree out there somewhere find its roots. That sounded pretty cool to me, so I decided to ask him some questions about how that works.

So Nate, can you talk a little bit about how yourplant a treeinitiative fits in with the theme of your album?

Nate: I just love the idea of songs and trees growing together. I’m constantly thinking about how my music positively affects peopleshearts and I figured there must be a way to positively impact the earth at the same time!

nur: What kind of good to you hope to accomplish via your music, allgemein?

Nate: Just to assist people in the fine art of being human.

nur: On a practical note, how are you getting the trees to plant, and do you have recommendations to others for planting trees?

Nate: I’m using the non profit, onetreeplanted.org. They work with NGOs in many parts of the world, and have a great way of tracking all trees planted to make sure they do well!

nur: What are some other simple ways we can come together to do good?

Nate: Practice right speech, right action, right thought. Forgive, ourselves and others. Habe Spaß. Don’t take life too personally, it happens to everyone.

nur: And last, what’s the most important sound in the world to you?

Nate: Stille.

I think that’s my cue to stop asking questions. = P Thanks for the interview, Nate!

So Superpeeps, what do you think? When you’re fundraising for your next project, how can you give a little love on the side? Let’s brainstorm ways we can take those superhero steps.


Bis bald!

nur ~




*(This is why they take them away again)