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Mytiske Entertainment Accepterer “Big Agra” Svinekød Board Sponsorat – Og det er underligt for Free Speech (#GMM #agra superheroalert)

God Mytiske Morning, den populære YouTube-kanal hostet af ”internetainers” Rhett McLaughlin og Link Neal, released en video i denne måned sponsoreret af National Pork Board.

”Indarbejd svinekød i din sund kost,”Hedder det i videoen beskrivelse.

Dette er problematisk på en sundhed, og en etisk niveau.

Jeg er ikke her for at starte slagsmål eller stjæle din bacon, men det meste af den medicinske samfund anser svinekød bare om den mest usunde kød, du kan forbruge. med næsten 20 gram pr 300 kalorier, svinekød ringe i på en hele 10 til 20 procent fedt gennemsnit. Den indeholder lidt at ingen vitamin indhold, og B-vitaminer, Zink, og Selen det indeholder findes rigeligt i andre proteinkilder med mindre stress på dit fordøjelsessystem. Du kan inkorporere svinekød i en afbalanceret keto kost, men at kosten kan dræbe dig og bør anvendes under nøje overvågning for særlige sundheds- og ydeevne behov.

Faktisk, som læger i medicinsk skole lærer vi, at kun to eller tre kost har stor skala medicinske beviser bag dem, at omfatte Middelhavet og DASH kost; ingen af ​​disse kostvaner rutinemæssigt har svinekød. I stedet, Jeg plejer at anbefale, at mine patienter øger Omega 3 fedtsyrer og 6s findes i plante-baserede og fisk-baserede protein.

Uanset hvad du anser sundt, denne nationale Pork Board alliance lider også af den etiske udfordring af sine fabrik gård rødder. Bare sidste år Mercy for Animals udgivet skjulte kamera optagelser demonstrerer smågrise tortureret af USAs store svinekød leverandører, og på trods af flere forsøg fra Big Farming at gøre undersøgende rapportering ulovligt, det tager ikke mere end en hurtig YouTube søgning for at finde undercover optagelser.

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Ongoing Calls for Hands-On Heroism (Plus, list of organizations this fiction helps. Post your own needs, too! #superheroalert #help)

I want to create a real-life hero network. SCROLL DOWN for #superheroalerts: tips, hero highlights, and calls for you to make a difference like an ordinary person can. Or, click READ MORE for the list of nonprofits I support monthly (your purchases help), or to answer or post special requests for hardcore, life-changing, above-and-beyond superheroism. Choose your adventure! Read More…

What a child with special needs understands (that you don’t) – #superheroalert

The following true story is used with permission, by an old friend, who runs a business helping the elderly while she mothers her 32-year-old daughter. Her daughter, who we will call Lucy for protection, is generally nonverbal, and walks with some difficulty. She needs help eating and wiping her face, and requires much of the other care that a toddler does. I remember thinking, when I was little, that Lucy’s parents had sad, patient eyes, full of a love that knows suffering.

Let Lucy’s heart strengthen your hero journey.

Frequently I am asked, “How much does Lucy understand?” My standard reply has always been, “She understands what is in ‘her’ world.”

Certainly she understands her morning routine includes a caregiver getting her up and then feeding, bathing, and dressing her. She knows it is then time to leave the house for something fun: music therapy in Upperville, goat petting in Lowerville, people-watching in the park, or just local errand running. She has an infallible internal clock that tells her when it is time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and she has her bedtime routine down cold.

Lucy routinely has three responses, each used at the appropriate time: “hello,” “all done,” and “no.” Her receptive language is more extensive, as long as instructions are in the context of “her world.”

Or so I thought. Until tonight.

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Superheroalert: How to be evil and still save the world (a #becominghero superhero tip)

Not one of our barrel-riding nuns, but still pretty damn brave; this dear old lady helped Jews escape Hitler.

“Sister, this way!”

Over a dozen nuns dash from shadow to shadow under the stone arches of the cloister.

There, in the moist, cool German night, they crawl into huge wooden barrels, Bilbo Baggins style, to escape the forced nunnery they don’t believe in.

Can you imagine the heart-pounding fear and excitement–in a day when men would punish nuns who ran away–and the stifling smell of whatever food inhabited that barrel before you? The bone-aching bumping on the cobblestone roads; the voices outside the barrel; the hope that when it’s opened, it will be opened by someone you trust?

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Superheroalert: Save the Storks in New York

Hi there, it’s Jen again.

It‘s incredibly important to me, as a physician, that amidst all the misinformation and politics of the “pro-life”/”pro-choice” debate every woman has a chance to receive full scientific information about her body. I love performing ultrasounds because it’s the only time my pregnant women can SEE without relying on something I’m telling them. I don’t care very much about the political agendas various organizations have, because the labels pro-life and pro-choice don’t address the very complicated real scientific quandaries associated with childbearing; people who are “pro-life” are usually “pro” the “choice” of the baby, and people who are “pro-choice” usually don’t believe in destroying “life.” Beyond those philosophical generalities about rights–when do we address the reality of my actual patient hemorrhaging from misopristol while she digs frantically through the products of her abortion searching for a baby she suddenly realizes she wanted?

She will remember that for the rest of her life.

Most people simply don’t have all the scientific information they need to understand reproductive health consequences, and greedy physicians benefit from that monopoly of information. Doctor tells you a procedure’s no worse than a period, doctor doesn’t make sure you understand the cons, then you get procedure and doctor gets money. The more people doctor pushes through, the more money doctor gets. It’s basic economics.

That’s why I want to make sure women get free health information if at all possible. That’s why I like this organization, where ultrasound technicians are required to be informative and nonjudgmental, and women can get free, safe ultrasounds anywhere they are. They need support funding an ultrasound bus in New York. Will you help?

How can YOU reduce prison injustice and prevent violent crime? #superheroalert

Today’s #Superheroalert features LIFE AFTER LIFE documentary producer Tamara Perkins. LIFE AFTER LIFE follows three men who spend their entire lives in prison after committing crimes as teenagers. Today we question the problems with our incarceration system. Why does America incarcerate so many Black people? How come we had just over a couple hundreds thousand people in prison in the 1980s, and now have over 7.1 million? Are we really healing victims and making streets safer? Why is the overall “repeat offender” rate so high?

And most importantly, how can YOU protect a teenager from losing his or her entire life to the prison system?

Watch the Life After Life trailer at www.lifeafterlifemovie.com



Make tax-deductible donations to support Life After Life engagement via Bay Area Video Coalition HERE
Work directly with incarcerated people via PrisonFellowship and Kairos Prison Fellowship.
Prevent incarceration with Big Brother Big Sister
Learn how to support those coping with an incarcerated loved one (coping article inspired after the writer watched LIFE AFTER LIFE)
And remember to try your local church or look for groups run by formerly incarcerated citizens! Additionally, vote for cameras on police officers and rape kit testing to ensure that justice, not discrimination, is served. (Did you know some states don’t even hire people to test rape kits, so they get thrown away instead?)


Watch the Life After Life trailer at www.lifeafterlifemovie.com
Commune with Life After Life at:
Life After Life Viewing Guide and Educational Curriculum HERE
Watch videos and Tamara’s TED Talk to learn even more at: Life After: Embracing our Common Humanity and Live Free Together Campaign: Healing justice impacted communities

Tamara mentioned THE SENTENCING PROJECT and THE NEW JIM CROW, both resources where you can start digging deeper into the issues surrounding mass incarceration.

Jen mentioned this group: ThriveMovement.com



Jen Finelli is a physician, science fiction author, former reporter, therapist, and activist who wants to become a superhero one day. Because of her adventures Jen believes anyone can have a good idea: from prostitutes to Senators, from children to the aged, from the able to the unstable, liberal, conservative, libertarian or communist or alien conspiracy theorist. As a consequence, views expressed in these interviews may not necessarily be her own; Jen is not here to promote any organization, government, or political party (although she reserves the right to do so), but to find PRACTICAL ways YOU can make a difference.

So if you find yourself hearing ideas you hate, that’s expected–stick around to extract the PRACTICAL, #dogood “baby” from the “bathwater” of ideology and politics. To find more #superheroalerts, go to http://becominghero.ninja/category/superhero-alerts-become-a-hero/

How will you show EXTREME kindness today?

Read BECOMING HERO, about the comic book reader who becomes a hero to the superheroes, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold: http://becominghero.ninja/

Be a superhero and CLEAN YOUR PLATE OR GIVE IT AWAY! #foodwaste #superheroalert

Alternative Titles: You’re A Murderous, Lying Hypocrite If You Waste Food or Finish your food, jerk. Written when I was mad–can’t you tell? = P Love you. <3

Did you know if food waste were a country, it would be the THIRD LARGEST CARBON POLLUTER ON THE PLANET?

Read More…

#Superheroalert: The American Board of ObGyn IS LIMITING WOMEN’S #ACCESSTOCARE

UPDATE: HERE IS THE PORTAL TO SEND YOUR COMMENTS TO SAVE OBGYN HEALTHCARE: https://www.acgme.org/What-We-Do/Accreditation/New-Specialty-or-Subspecialty-Proposals Please e-mail the template at the bottom of this post to cfpcomments@acgme.org! DEADLINE IS JANUARY 23!!!


My dear superheroes, certain members of the American Board of ObGyn ARE LIMITING WOMEN’S ACCESS TO GYN CARE by decreasing the number of ObGyn residencies in the country.

If you decrease the number of ObGyn residencies, you make less ObGyns. That means less doctors to help women through cancers, childbirth, and trauma.

How are some ABOG members hurting women? By adding a new board certification called “Complex Family Planning”. This happened at the Sept 11 ABMS meeting. If this goes national, every ObGyn residency would have to have an expert who performs Complex Family Planning (and every resident may be required to get certified). This will require many residencies to close.


Read More…

#Superheroalert: Does your state bother to examine evidence for rape?

“Women shouldn’t have to hold a bake sale to get justice.”

Does your state actually test evidence after rape?

Did you know many states don’t fund rape kit testing? To translate that, some states don’t pay anyone to examine the evidence collected from rape victims’ bodies for years at a time. Missouri has a backlog of 5000 kits that haven’t been examined; in Texas, women are now crowdfunding rape kit testing. I’m all for crowdfunding, but this isn’t a park or an art fair we are talking about, this is CRIMINAL JUSTICE. This is the entire point of the government; this is what the government exists to pay for, even under the strictest libertarian definition of government.

Are we seriously paying for libraries and public schools and art fairs and monuments while we ignore actual crimes against women because we can’t bother to pay to test the evidence?

Do something about it.

Find out how your state does below, and then submit a letter to your representatives. Feel free to rip off mine.


Dear Tallahassee representatives,

Our state has 14,435 untested rape kits, and has enacted only modest reform to change this.

This means we have 14,435 women and men, mostly from low-income settings, still waiting for justice.

It is appalling that funding rape investigation is not our main priority. Even under the strictest libertarian definition of government, government exists to protect people from each other. When we have rapists going free because we can’t be bothered to make rape kit testing our priority, we as a state make the clear statement that we don’t give a damn about Florida women, who suffer the brunt of these gendered crimes. As a healthcare provider and a woman in the military, I am horrified to find that we are behind Missouri and even Texas.

Are we seriously paying for libraries and public schools and art fairs and monuments while we ignore horrific violence because we can’t bother to pay to test the evidence?

Do something about it.

Very respectfully,

Jen Finelli Veldhuyzen, MD


To read more about the issue, follow @FeministsforLife on Twitter, and read their update about it here:

Dear Friend,
Rape kits are an essential tool to ensure justice for survivors of sexual assault. Years ago, it became a hot topic during a presidential election, only to find out that this was a widespread problem. When FFL President Serrin Foster looked into it, insurance brokers told her it was the norm. But there appeared to be a push for change.
So you can imagine our shock and disgust that some states STILL appear to treat rape kits as a second-tier priority.
In Texas, rape kits areactually being crowdfunded by allowing Texans to donate to a state account when they renew their driver’s licenses. Texas has a backlog of more than 3,500 untested rape kits, and each kit costs between $500 and $2,000 to test.
“It’s great that people are donating in Texas to get rape kits tested, but it shouldn’t be up to crowdfunding or donations during driver’s license renewals. This isn’t about funding a community park. This is rape,” Foster said. “And victims of serious crimes deserve to have the evidence tested and kept until the perpetrator is arrested.”
Meanwhile, in Missouri, a backlog over nearly 5,000 rape kits finally promptedpassage of a law creating guidelines for testing, processing, and storing rape kits.
The state attorney general found that approximately one-third of law-enforcement agencies destroyed evidence before the Department of Justice-recommended period of 20 years.
“If they aren’t going to do anything with the evidence, what is the point of having a rape victim suffer through a humiliating, invasive procedure, including photographic evidence in front of a police officer as well as medical staff?” Foster asked. “And can you imagine the frustration of the police officer who does everything possible to help ID the perpetrator, only to let the evidence go unexamined or destroyed, knowing the rapist could go on to assault others?”
FFL Speaker and rape survivor Joyce McCauley-Benner also shares Foster’s outrage:
“Words fail me,” McCauley-Benner said upon learning that some hospitals don’t know how long to retain a rape kit after testing or even where to send it.
“This sends a message that victims are meaningless and not a priority. And we wonder why many victims see no point in coming forward. It’s not taken seriously, and I think it’s even more cruel to do the rape kit itself and then just let it sit or destroy it. You make her relive the horror then, in effect, say, ‘Sorry, never mind. We won’t get to that anyway.'”
McCauley-Benner finds crowdsourcing equally appalling: “Asking for donations is used for unique situations beyond one’s control, NOT for evidence in criminal justice cases. Women shouldn’t have to hold a bake sale to get justice,” McCauley-Benner concluded. “We really deserve better than that!”
According to End the Backlog, there are likely hundreds of thousands of rape kits nationwide that have yet to be tested, and over 225,000 untested rape kits have been uncovered thus far.
“THIS is criminal,” Foster said.
End the Backlog is a program of the Joyful Heart Foundation, the national nonprofit organization founded by actor and activist Mariska Hargitay.
Contact your state legislator today and urge her or him to support FULL funding and testing of ALL rape kits. Check out this map to see if your state measures up. Women — and men — who have been sexually assaulted deserve better.
Because women deserve better,
Damian J. Geminder
Media Coordinator and Editor
P.S. “reCLAIM YOUR VOICE,” FFL’s timely issue exploring the #MeToo movement using our unique pro-woman, pro-life voice, comes with membership. Join or rejoin us now if your support has lapsed ($35 minimum/$25 for student).
Other evergreen theme-based back issues of The American Feminist® are also available atwww.feministsforlife.org/covetable-stuff, including “Forward Into Light,” “A Crying Shame,” “Voices of Women — and Men — Who Mourn,” and “MANIPULATION.” Feminists for Life was the only pro-life group in the National Task Force on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence to work successfully for the Violence Against Women Act (as well as the only feminist group to support the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, aka Laci and Conner’s Law). Among other essential measures, VAWA introduced the federal rape shield law and also funded victim assistance services, including rape crisis centers and hotlines.

Superheroalert: 5 Ways YOU can help #PuertoRico TODAY! #dogood via @VargasVidot @BillyTaub & @PonceHealthSU

Aight, Superpeeps, another superheroalert. Bottom line up front: Join me in helping Puerto Rico recover by heading to the PMSFRELIEFFUND.org and iniciativacomunitaria.org.

Iniciativa Comunitaria normally works with clinics in the north of the island to help the homeless and reach out to Guatemala and Haiti, but now, with the disaster around them, they’re turning to local aid relief. They work with Puerto Rican Senator Vargas Vidot. I don’t know much about his politics, but I can tell you, having met him in person, his heart’s huge. Please read to the end of this article to read his truly inspirational speech about saving the soul of medicine!

My heart’s got a special place for the PHSU foundation, too. Since the crisis began, the students/faculty have provided medical and psychological support services and have been delivering over 100,000 lbs of privately donated goods and supplies to the residents, most of whom lost their homes and all of their possessions in the hurricane. That’s my alma mater, people!

Read More…

I know a hero when I see one. #superheroalert #dogood

This guy knows a hero when he sees one!

It’s another superhero alert–this one jokingly, to talk about how to warn people of danger. Don’t be a pretentious douchebag: if you believe in hell as an actual reality, for example, you should totally warn people about it, but there’s more than one way to have that conversation. If I don’t believe in it, you screaming at me probably won’t back my spirit away from the cliff I can’t see. It’s the same with suicide, alcohol abuse, or a brick on the street that might make a guy stumble. You come off as a jackass when you think you’re somehow special, somehow better than someone else.

Read More…

You Boycott Halloween to Save Black Cats (#superheroalert for @blackcatrescue #adopt)

from buttersafe.comThought that was pretty cute, huh? Buttersafe’s cool, you should check them out.

I wanted to bring up black cats for this #superheroalert because we’ve got Halloween coming up. More black cats are tortured and killed around this time of year than any other month, and that’s pretty messed up. The stereotypical activity of a superhero—rescuing a cat out of a tree for some little old lady, right? We should do that.

This year, I’m “rescuing” by boycotting Halloween.

“Wait, what? Why you gotta hate on Halloween? Why can’t you just NOT torture cats?”

Great point, imaginary person I invented for the sake of argument. Here’s the deal. If you look into the history of Halloween across multiple Western (usually Catholic) cultures, you’ll find it almost always revolves around people placating some dead spirit (benevolent or otherwise) or demon, which is actually kind of anti-humanist. You know, like we have to bow to cruel forces, rather than rebelling, because of fear. Fear’s a great thing to talk about, as hero-wanna-bes, because it’s a healthy way for us to remember our place in the Universe. We’re not the biggest thing. We’re not even the best thing. Fear is healthy sometimes. But when our fear becomes a celebration of, and a submission to, the tyranny of evil, we have a problem.

“Oh, silly Jen, you’re over-exaggerating. Dressing up as ghosts isn’t a ‘submission to the tyranny of evil.’”

Read More…

Michael Timm programs “#PokemonGo for water” to save his city! #superheroalert

Michael programmed a “Pokemon Go for water” to teach local Milwaukee natives how to protect their water—and to connect them with the history of the Great Lakes around them. He also made a board game for kids to learn about invasive quagga mussels–it helps them think practically about how to protect their environment from invasive species. Here, he gives tips on grant-writing, water conservation, and using your creative capacities for community good. All this and more in the above water stories with Michael Timm: using apps and games to improve environmental sustainability!

What will you do for your #superheroalert?

Check out other #superheroalerts at http://becominghero.ninja (search for superheroalert), where I talk about how to become a superhero!

Download Water Story Here: http://refloh2o.com/water-story/

Check out Michael’s other stuff at matimm.com

What I’ve learned about heroes by playing one (#actor @RickyDaVision) #superheroalert

I have a lovely treat for you Superpeeps today! Wanna become a superhero? This is kind of an interview/guest post by superhero film actor @RickyDaVision: what can we learn about heroes by pretending to be them?

There are a lot of words that people often use to describe a superhero. Courageous, brave, sincere, compassionate, determined just to name a few. To be all of those things ultimately doesn’t require having the strength to move mountains or ability to read people’s minds.

(Although that definitely helps.)

Read More…

You live in a #scifi! How will you save the world? #superheroalert

I’m writing from the past to tell you that YOU live in the future.

I don’t mean that metaphorically. You live in a wild science fiction world that many people can’t even imagine, and you can impact and change that scifi tale if you want. Let me show you. Or, as a freaky man once put it, “I’d like to play a game.” Tell me which of these three technology scenarios is in development–or already working!–right now.

Home-grown Pancreas

Read More…

Help kids who can’t afford #pediatriccancer treatment by scaring yourself! #horror (#superheroalert)

Do you have a family member with cancer? Do you know a child with cancer?

We talk a bit about responsible shopping and consuming here on the #superheroalert blog, and I love this anthology because all the writers involved, all the editors, just came together to give money to families who can’t afford cancer treatment, through the National Children’s Cancer Society. If you like horror, it got nothing but good reviews. So yeah.

Click the picture to read my story “I Am Disease,” a zombie fairytale about addiction and cancer, in the acclaimed Bleed anthology. Let’s scare cancer silly.

I believe you have a superpower. What is it? #superheroalert #inspiration

What’s your superpower?
I truly believe everyone has a weird little superpower that other people can’t understand and that we don’t usually document. I believe this because after studying neurobiology I’m awed by the power of our chemical minds.

Read More…

Artful Spoons: Connecting chronically ill artists through #art #superheroalert

Hey SuperPeeps! Today we need to talk about art, and about how sometimes becoming a hero means celebrating someone else’s dreams. NGOs are discovering this, too–rather than handing out charity, or a one-time save, how can you help someone save themselves?Artful Spoons

#ArtfulSpoons is a hashtag and account on Twitter that celebrates the art of #spoonies, or people who are suffering chronic illnesses. We had a chat with Alex, who runs the account.

Read More…

The value of silence for superheroes. #superheroalert #inspiration

Ever noticed that Batman always makes his decisions of discovery alone?

I’m sure you’ve seen the brooding pictures of any number of superheroes, slumped over with their heads in their hands like the Thinker.

How much time do you give yourself, in silence, alone? Away from social media. Away from DOING THINGS. Away from the party and the work. How often do you check your life’s direction, and re-set your goals, and center yourself on what really matters to you as you take the next step? How often do you allow yourself to experience your grief, your doubts, and your questions about how the world works, and just work through the deep stuff? And then, how often do you let your mind grow blank, and just wait for inspiration?

How can you become a superhero if you can’t even save your own thoughts?

“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.” ~ C.S. Lewis, ‘Weight of Glory’

If you want to become a superhero, you must get used to spending time alone.

Plastic Bottle Houses in Nigeria Help the Poor #superheroalert #sustainability

Hey Peeps! Just a short little post today–sharing a link to this Inhabitat piece about the plastic bottle house in Nigeria. The architects noticed that they had waaay too many plastic bottles, and way too few houses, so they thought that problem should solve itself.

What if we did something like this in the more temperate areas where you live to help homelessness? And more generally, how can you use the things you don’t like in your life to solve the problems for the things you need?

True superheroes know how to use the things no one wants to make a difference.



Bits’n’Pieces: The Four #dogood Contests We’re Running for BecomingHero! #superheroalert

Let’s Do Good

Because this is supposed to be a campaign about superheroes, we think it’s time for US to get off our butts and become the heroes we read about.

  • Jen will be cleaning up the environment around her city during this Indiegogo. You can do the same in your own city! The SuperPeep who goes out and collects the most litter in their community will win a wood-burnt box by BurntMyselfOnce depicting Skye’s superhero team. It’s like the plaque, but it’s a box. Like the plaque, there is only one. ONE BOX TO HOLD THEM ALL. Post your litter count and photo here.
  • We don’t want to cramp your style: we want to help YOU discover the”doing good” life YOU’RE passionate about. So during this campaign, the Superpeep who volunteers the most hours at their favorite local, qualifying charity (no controversial nonprofits please) will get a cameo in the comic as a superhero of their design. E-mail me at jen (at) becominghero.ninja, Subject: Volunteer Hours to log!
  • Let’s use comics to help the homeless, the handicapped, orphans, or those in prison! The SuperPeep who comes up with–and executes–the best comics/superheroes-related event/project for one of these populations will get a speaking role character named after them in the book. An inspiring superhero-movie-night and meal at the local shelter? A job fair to help folks become their own hero? An art benefit, where you sell your comics to buy them blankets? Or just street-performing in a superhero costume while bringing the homeless hot dogs? I’m excited to see what you come up with. Post your project picture and story in a comment here!
  • The coolest random act of workplace kindness done during the campaign will get a visual cameo in the comic as a helpful citizen. Post yours for voting here.
  • One day during the 3rd week of the campaign, a donation to a qualifying charity of your choice will get you the equivalent value of digital prizes from my campaign. Stay tuned on FB!

*Safety First. You are responsible for taking care of your own safety whatever you do. We do not condone or endorse dangerous behavior, or putting yourself into dangerous situations.*

Share this post and share the goodness! Check out the campaign and share that, too! Sharing is awesome!

Author who survived child abuse teaches her experience to help others. #superheroalert #metoo @Listen2MyHeart7

Lukysha Sims-Neal, a child abuse survivor who writes a blog about living beyond childhood trauma, comes to us today to talk about how we can all, survivors or not, help the healing. Some of her answers are really challenging and even surprising, so I hope you’ll read all the way to the end. This is important stuff, SuperPeeps. Read More…

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. #superheroalert #inspiration

imagesYou remember those moments? The ones where a superhero makes you hold your breath. When Barry Allen, in Flashpoint, gets up and starts running even though there’s a huge spike jammed through his quads. When Peter Parker, at the end of the Ultimate Spiderman comic series, bows down before the spectres of all the enemies he’s ever faced, and gets up to keep fighting. Those moments when everything is broken, but the hero doesn’t give up.

Those moments…that make us want to become superheroes. Read More…

This huge firm designed a village where peeps with dementia can roam free. #superheroalert #alz

Real quick #superheroalert for you peeps. This village lets you wander without getting lost, because it’s actually a locked center with only one exit. As creepy and scifi as that sounds, it seems like a pretty good idea!

Critics are concerned about… Read More…

Give Everyone a Popsicle #superheroalert #inspiration

Great Buttersafe.com comic, go there now

Awesome comic by the good folks over at Buttersafe–you should click to see their site!

For this meditation on how to become a superhero, I wanted to share this little Buttersafe comic. (Go ahead, check them out!)

Why did is this appropriate for a superhero alert? Because maybe popsicles can stop global warming.

Read More…

Online Shopping like a Superhero: 5 Ways to Save The World While You Buy Stuff! #superheroalert #dogood


Heyoo Superpeeps! Another quick SuperGear post for you, this one to offer some conscientious choices for your holiday shopping! ‘Cuz that’s how superhero DO, you know?

(Yeah, I’m still hitting my stride with this whole gear-blogging thing, give me a break. Here we go.) Read More…