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離れてあなたの敵を叫びます – nanobansheeはそれだけの価値があります? #supergear #selfdefense

やあみんな, ただ速いsupergear自己防衛のポストを下に投げたかったです. 、 誰かがあなたを攻撃するときnanobansheeはあなたのために悲鳴. 自ら, 私は反撃のファンです–研究では、強姦はレスリングや他の技術に比べて印象的によく反応を示しているので–またはより良いです, ランニング. 時にはあなたが叫んでいる場合, 通行人はあなたを助けにはなりません. それは吸います.

しかし! 私は武道を教えたとき, 私はkiapと呼ばれる何かを教えるために使用されます. あなたが大声でエールにあなたのエネルギーを解放するときです, そしてそれはあなたにいくつかの深刻な自信を与えます, そして、あなたの敵を少し脅かします. 大声への本当の利点があります, 方向感覚を失わ音. だから、何人かの人々がどんな-が、それはオフに行くばかげLOUD SCREAMINGアラームがあるかどう誰かを攻撃するためにはるかに少ない楽しいです、あなたを攻撃しないことを知っておく必要があります!

So I thought I’d nanobansheeをチェックアウト, そしてそれが有望と思われます, 私はいくつかの本当に負のカスタマーレビューを見つけました. どうやら彼らの顧客サービスは、一種の吸います, そして、アラームが宣伝ほど大声ではありません. より良いアラームがそこにあります? あなたは自己防衛のために笛や他のアラームを使用することについてどう思いますか? 私たちのスーパーヒーローのブログへのより適切な, 大きな音は、あなたが他の誰かを守ることができる方法? あなたは何を使うのですか?


How these Marvel Superhero Tees show #representationmatters (#supergear)

You Superpeeps know I’m always looking out for cool geek stuff, and ThinkGeek (my awesome partner) has t-shirt sales every now and then that showcase the popularity of diverse superheroes. You know that’s right up my alley: people argue that Black and female leads don’t sell, and these popular franchises prove them so wrong! How do you show your geeky #representationmatters spirit? Read More…

How are you celebrating #StarWars40th anniversary? #supergear

It’s been a while since I’ve dropped you a supergear post, but here it is! This is one of those geeky supergear posts, as in, gear that is super for geeks–because one of my favorite geek franchises hits its 40th anniversary this year. How are you celebrating?

  1. ThinkGeek is giving away limited edition totebags with basically the best design ever on them–you know, that awesome classic StarWars poster? Come on, son. (ANH40 is the secret code to get them)

Read More…

Hey, do you want a thoughtful, diverse superhero anthology? #supergear for #booklovers


Pretty psyched about this one, you guys. If you’re into superhero gear, or gear for superheroes, or any combination of the same, and you’re also into books, I think you’re in luck! See, Carl’s a Puerto Rican engineering student struggling to hide his Multiple Sclerosis so he can keep working to earn enough to put himself through school. As his disease progresses, that becomes impossible–but when he invents a solution to his weakness, he soon discovers he’s not the only person who could use it. Read More…

200 Best Online Scifi Short Films: #supergear via @The7thMatrix #indiefilm

Hey guys, quick little #supergear post here–remember when I said books were supergear? Well, Rod T. Faulkner’s offering you guys a “pick your own price” e-book resource to help you find the 200 best scifi short films online.

Scifi’s uniquely fit for the short film medium because of its focus on concept–whether that’s a new concept for space travel, or a new concept of sociological changes in the future, it’s not scifi without some kind of sciencey speculation. If you haven’t already delved into the short film world, you’re missing out–the weirdness of the film “They’re Made Out of Meat” definitely marked me forever, I can tell you.

So yeah! I’m always looking for cool stuff to share with you guys here in the #supergear section, and this fit the bill! Give Rod some love! He’s widely regarded as one of the most important voices in scifi film critique right now, so if you haven’t heard of him already you’re in for a treat.

P.S. Don’t forget we still have our Indiegogo going on! Can we reach 50% today? We need to!

Get Natasha’s Rings! #comics #superheroes

Natasha is my Thunder-powered teen goddess (lower case g) from Becoming Hero, and these are raw stone rings: colorful, sturdy, beautiful, and down to earth, like her.

And you get them if you solve this puzzle:

#becominghero #art #comicbooks #drawing #comic #illustration #sketch #artist #geek #comicbook #artwork #nerd #draw #cartoon #comicart #love #instagood #tbt #look #bestoftheday #instacool #stoneworking #jewelry #superheroes

Online Shopping like a Superhero: 5 Ways to Save The World While You Buy Stuff! #superheroalert #dogood


Heyoo Superpeeps! Another quick SuperGear post for you, this one to offer some conscientious choices for your holiday shopping! ‘Cuz that’s how superhero DO, you know?

(Yeah, I’m still hitting my stride with this whole gear-blogging thing, give me a break. Here we go.) Read More…

It’s the future: Whacky #tech you could totally imagine a superhero using (P.S. secret coupon page bottom) #geekgear

Heyooo SuperPeeps! It’s me again, still hunting around for cool geek and superhero things to get you for the holidays. This time, I’m focusing on five things you could totally imagine coming out of a whacky scifi or weird superhero comic–and, much to the rejoicing of all you sweet otaku out there, I found it all on It’s a site where you basically get to look for Japan-exclusive coolness, like the face exerciser, or…bishonen peeled chestnuts…. as well as a bunch of other awesome stuff you’ve never heard of. If you just wanna grab your secret coupon, scroll all the way down–it won’t hurt my feelings if you skip all my words. = P

Ready for some weird gadget gifts?

Read More…

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