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#GeekGear Deals for Holiday Gifts (#shopping)

Heyooo my SuperPeeps! DID YOU KNOW that there is a time of year where people expect you to get gifts for them in the Western Hemisphere? Crazy stuff. Actually there are many of those times of year. But I digress.

Because you are geeky and awesome like me, and because you may also have geeky friends, and you’d like to make them smile this season, I thought, “hey, could I get sweet winter deals just for the SuperPeeps?” So I did a little legwork, and here’s what I came up with. Read More…

Stun Weapons for #SelfDefense! (#supergear)

Hey peeps! First off, it’s really super of you to show up to my little corner of the internet like this to meet my little superheroes. You’re super. You’re super peeps! So just for you, I’ve started to hunt around for gear and gear tips–things that nerdy, awesome people and superheroes might get.

Like self-defense gear. I really want to encourage my peeps to be armed, with something, at all times, whether you want to be a superhero or not–at least to get in that aware mindset so you’re paying attention to danger, and ready to fight it, rather than freezing up and giving in.

Have you heard of these? Read More…