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What happens to a dream deferred? TODAY ONLY Poetry contest and “Dream Deferred” Backer Reward!

Heyooo SuperPeeps! Today, in honor of a very special poet, if you Tweet me a poem, you’ll be entered in a drawing to get the Secret Perk (that only referrers normally get access to) AND I’ll custom-design you an artsy shirt! We’ll come up with a design together, make it, and send it to you.* Tweet @petr3pan, and include a link to my Indiegogo (remember if you use your special referral link you get prizes?).

Also, EVERYBODY who backs today–or REFERS a backer today–gets an extra “Dream Deferred” mini perk. I’m going to use my network and my connections to try to help you support YOUR dream.

*I need 100 poem Tweets in order to have a fair drawing–if we don’t get to 100, no t-shirt, only Secret Perk, so share this!

Video (and poetry) below.

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