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My little book, Becoming Hero, about a comic book character who shoots his author? The one where we’re paying an artist to create a comic book within a book? And voice actors (one of whom was recently nominated for a Canadian award) for audio?

The pre-order is happening NOW and everyone who pre-orders TODAY ONLY gets a cute little picture of them with their favorite superhero! If we reach our goal, EVERYONE will get a $17 audiobook, even if you only drop a buck on this! That’s crazy!

I know you’re busy, but it’s really important that we have a good showing today (stats show the first day makes or breaks a pre-order campaign) so head on over to and show yourself some love! -_^ Get your Valentine’s Day gift taken care of early, too, wink wink. Are you like so totally in?

P.S. Physical book orders are limited!

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