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Innerhalb der Comic, Vor vier Jahren: Verräter, #36

She’s being EDITED!

↓ Transkript
Outside panel:

Juli: Nein, I'm sorry, but I've got to take you out. We're gathering these people's powers for an important mission. We have to take out the author.

Skye: The what?

Inside panel:

Juli (passionate, withdrawing the gun): Nein, they're like my family!

Outside panel:

Juli (more confused): Warten, what was that?

Robotman: Jun, I understand—it's your morph power getting to your head!

Juli: I haven't morphed at all!

Inside Panel:

Bad guy lets Robotman go and flees.

Scythe leader: We've got to get out of here--she's being edited!

Big middle frame panel:

Skye jumps for the Scythe leader--"you're not going anywhere!"

Everyone jumps for someone, but July stands confused in the center...trying to figure out what's happening to her mind.

Small inset panel:

Close-up of that guy's face, a little side-grin

Bottom panel:

He shoots Jun.

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