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Inside the Comic, Almost Five Years Ago: Skye Origins, #10

skye origins complete page 10

Big brother/Big sister programs have real superheroes in them. You can be one, too.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Robotman uses his finger to unlock Skye's handcuffs.
Robotman: "So I'm thinking we'll get you an armored costume, first, maybe with a weather theme, some lightning powers, flight..."
Skye: "Are--are you kidnapping me? Who are you?"
Robotman: "I'm Robotman."

Panel 2
Robotman's knee, and hand on the steering wheel of a strange car. One of the buttons reads "turbo."
Skye: "That's a lame name."
Robotman: "It's descriptive and easy."

Panel 3-4
Robotman: "I'm taking you to meet the crew, papi. From now on I'll pick you up for training after school every other day, got it? I'm part of a big-brother-big-sister program at your high school anyway, so you're gonna sign up for that, and that'll be the truth you tell to your parents."
Skye: "Hold up, who says I wanna do this? I'm busy in school, I--"
Robotman: "Let's not play games, 'mano. You were looking for a fight tonight. So either you're a hot-head who really does need mentoring, or you want to save the world once or twice."
SKYE: Do I have a choice in all this?
ROBOTMAN: Maybe. Depends on if we like you or not. This might just be a one-time deal, 'mano.

Panel 5
SKYE, quiet for a second, looking out the window with his hand on his fist as it rains...external view of the car, sketched out with wings and turbo engines.
SKYE: Would you be using electromagnetic inductor fields for that flying stuff you mentioned? And for the lightning?
ROBOTMAN: Well hey now, what grade are you in, anyway?
SKYE: Ninth. Stupid school wouldn't let me test out of PE, and they won't let me skip any grades til I've taken it. (new bubble) But I'm taking physics with the seniors.
ROBOTMAN: Kind of a genius, huh?
SKYE: Psh, only for lame nerdy stuff. I'm an idiot at, like, life.
Robotman: Ha, I can tell.