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Innerhalb der Comic, Vor fast fünf Jahren: Skye Ursprünge, #12

skye origins complete last-ish page

Dies ist das Ende von Skye Ursprungsgeschichte, für den Moment. Wir kehren zu den Bug Horror Attack Szene am kommenden Dienstag, und das wird Ende Mai ’ s “zwei-Updates-jeden-Tag” Extravaganza.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Close-up, Skye, supersuited, flying overhead, reminiscent of his little-boy-self on the bike on the first page.
CAPTION: So I don't know if I'm much of a hero, really.
I just figure--

Panel 2
Skye, in an early version of his blue-and-black supersuit, flies over a city under attack by a stalk-eyed dinosaur-slug-monster ridden by a pink woman. Waves of light and wind flutter around his outstretched glove.
CAPTION: If someone's going to get in trouble--

Panel 4
CAPTION: --it might as well be me.
Picture of little boy Skye climbing the tree, a rope around his belly, looped over a tree branch to make a pendulum, and he's pulling his way up the rope while Mark holds the rope at the bottom. Skye's fingers reach towards the balloon-string.