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Inside the Comic, Almost Five Years Ago: Skye Origins, #3

skye origins complete third page

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Establishing shot. Skye sits outside the hospital room with his elbows on his knees, gripping the video camera. Face in shock. In-set panel of him removing the SD card from the video camera.
Thought bubble, top of page: “...he hit an artery, they said. Means he lost too much blood, they said. So shock? Coma?”
“Can't believe it took the ambulance that long.”
“Sure hope my parents don't get here before the police do.”

Panel 2
Skye starts to look panicked, wide-eyed, teeth clenched. Closer shot, we see all of him but his ankles and below.
Thought bubble, top of page:
“Holy crap, thank goodness the gun-man ran the wrong way!”
Bottom of page: “If Mark dies, it's my fault!”

Panel 3
Doctor looms over Skye's stooped figure. We don't see his head.
Doctor: You saved your friend's life, young man. Stopping the bleeding, making the call, your hiding place—he's alive because of you.

Panel 4
Skye looks up in shock and sees Doctor. (this shot is angle from below at the doctor's face with Skye's shock)
Doctor: And you can now choose to keep him alive, if you like.
Skye: You! What were you doing at the reservoir?

Panel 5
Doctor places a hand on Skye's shoulder. His face becomes quite close. Skye's snarling.
Doctor: I'm a doctor, what do you think I was doing?
Skye: I don't know, trying your new bullet-based marketing trick?
Doctor: Apparently. (new bubble) Do you see this remote?

Panel 6
Show a glimpse past Skye and the doctor into Mark's hospital room, with Mark lying unconscious on the bed. An IV drip leads into his arm. Doctor Peyton and Skye frame the glimpse, and on the bottom of the panel Doc Peyton's holding the little trigger. Doc's other hand is taking the video camera from Skye. Skye looks down, towards the fourth wall, bitterly.
No wait, other way around, we're glimpsing past Mark's hospital room, out to the doorway, where we see the exchange? Yeah, that's visually more interesting.
Caption: Doc Peyton promised to kill Mark if I told the police what I'd seen. It would be easy—just a touch of his remote control would flood Mark's IV with a lethal drug overdose.