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漫画の中, ほぼ 5 年前: スカイの起源, #6

skye origins complete sixth page

BRCA 1 BRCA 2 男性と女性の下で死ぬ 1 つ以上肉親を持っていた人のためのテスト 50 乳がんの歳: https://www.knowbrca.org/Learn/genetic-counseling-and-testing (場合は保険財政援助に関する情報が含まれていますありません ’ t、それをカバー)

(P.S. この医師は悪と狂気)

(安. あなたの敵の失速を離さない, またドンと ’ t は、このような背を向ける)

↓ Transcript
Peyton crawls towards Skye, pointing towards his arsenal of red liquid. Skye steps back, intimidated. Peyton is crouching, rising to standing, and the camera angles up at Skye.
Peyton: Because you see, I know who killed her. It was her mother. Her mother passed her the faulty BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes that mutated into the cancer.
Skye: Dude, her mother also, uh...made her alive?
Peyton: You have not seen death, boy. It would be better never to live than to die like that.
Peyton: We can eliminate this disease, forever. But we've been too afraid. We aren't willing to make the sacrifices.

Panel 2: Peyton's hand reaching for his gun, under his shirt. But this is war. Soldiers die in war.

Panel 3 (full-width)
Panel showing people dying, quietly, after drinking water. Perhaps a hand with a spillt glass of water nearby, and beyond it, someone choking, or maybe lying splayed out back on a couch.
Starting with the front-liners, all the men, women, children who carry faulty genes. I will not let cancer capture them. They shall die honorably, swiftly, painlessly, now, before they can breed. This serum's epigenetic signaling targets them selectively so that with their sacrifice, we will eliminate this scourge, and cure our city, our nation, and eventually...our world.

I could not save her. But I can avenge her death on the disease!

Panel 4 (full-width)
Skye stands with his back to the doctor, blowing him off--as the doctor rises to shoot him in the back.
Skye: Yeah, no, I'm gonna call the police now. You can't just poison—