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Inside the Comic, Almost Five Years Ago: Skye Origins, #7

skye origins complete page 7

This is a real Krav Maga move, you can learn about a version of it here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-HUxeIxFsQ), and about how much it hurts to get hit by a bulletproof vest here (http://www.ponderweasel.com/shot-wearing-a-bulletproof-vest/) and about where to get a bulletproof vest here (I think this is where I got mine, but I don’t remember: http://www.securityprousa.com/armor/vests.html).

Don’t do dumb stuff. Take care of yourself and others.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Perspective over doctor's shoulder, along his arm, down to the smoking gun, while Skye falls.
Peyton: Poison is in the dose, young man. That is the only difference between poison and medicine. What I am giving is medicine.

Panel 2
Perspective from Skye, up towards the doctor, but dizzy. The doctor flicks on the light. Skye is pretending to be more injured than he is, like in push-up position and we see the doctor still a bit away. I think here is where the doctor puts down the gun? No, the doctor's not stupid. He brings it over to use it one more time, but Skye shocks it out of his hand.
Peyton: You thought a butllet-proof vest would do more than that, didn't you.
Skye: I—I know the momentum doesn't go away. I know in my head the force is still there—but—agh—it's like getting hit with a baseball bat.

Caption: I'm okay, I'm okay...Just gotta stay down til he gets closer...

Skye (wheezing): “So, * koff * doc, what are my chances?”
Peyton: “I'm not your doctor, I'm you're killer. You forgot that and allowed me to stall. You're an idiot.”
Skye: “Oh gosh, that's a relief.”
Peyton: “Who's relieved about being an idiot?”

Panel 3
Peyton drags Skye to his feet.
Skye: “Come on, you're clearly a halfie, you know how it is. Being Japanese-American, dude. Everyone takes one look and then they're asking us to do their homework or fix their computer or eat their dog—Asian stereotypes, you know?”
Peyton: “Be quiet and give me—wait, eat their dog? Who asked you to eat their—no, never mind, electric gauntlets off, now. I can't believe your parents let you have those."

Next Panel
Skye's removed the gauntlets; Peyton's gun gleams against the side of his head.
Skye: It's called stealing, old man.
Peyton (chuckles): Goodbye, young man.

Panel 5
Skye knocks the gun away with his forearm, sending the shot wide.