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Inside the Comic, Almost Five Years Ago: Skye Origins, #8

skye origins complete page 8

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The gun flies wide as Skye follows up his block with a strike to Dr. Peyton's wrist.

Panel 2
The gun's fallen out the door--but both Peyton and Skye look behind them to see the trigger for Mark's IV lying at the base of the shelf full of chemicals.

Panel 3
Skye and Peyton dive for the glowing trigger. Peyton gets his fist around it first.
Skye loses his cool.
Skye: "No, please, please, please don't kill him, he doesn't know anything, please kill me instead!"
Doc: "All in good time, I'm sure."
Skye: "No, wait--I have a live video feed on! You wouldn't want to kill him on camera, would you?"
Doc: "Liar."

Panel 4
Peyton's thumb about to press the button. Skye grips the bookshelf as he struggles to out-reach Peyton.
Doc: "Stop struggling, I'm pressing, he's as good as dead!"
Skye: "Everyone will see! It's recorded!"
Doc: "You're lying!"

Panel 5
With a crash, Skye knocks the shelf of chemicals down on the doctor. Skye rolls out of the way as color splashes across a darkened panel.

Panel 6
Skye stands outside the door to Peyton's bedroom, hunched over with shadow over his face. The doctor's neck is crushed under the bookshelf, and chemical spill and blood dribbles over his clothes.
Skye: "I wasn't lying."