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Innerhalb der Comic, Vor fast fünf Jahren: Skye Ursprünge, #9

skye origins complete page 9

Ich kann ’ T warten auf euch zu sehen, mehr Robotman. Ich ’ m arbeitet an eine kurze Geschichte über seine Herkunft für einen kommenden Superhelden-Anthologie, und wenn es ’ s nahm ich ’ ll lassen Sie wissen, so können Sie es kaufen. Wenn es ’ s nicht, Na, dann, Sie ’ ll bekommen es kostenlos hier irgendwann.

Ich weiß, sein Name ’ s albern. Es ’ s eine Geschichte dahinter.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Skye sits outside Peyton's home, looking at his phone as a cop car pulls up and lights up the forest. His face is grim--expectant.

Panel 2
Skye arrested as Chinese-American policewoman with eye patch reviews the video feed of the fight recorded onto Skye's phone. Skye speaks to the policeman as he's handcuffed, pointing over his shoulder and over the cop car to the scene behind them: Doc Peyton carried out of his home on a stretcher.

Skye called the police on himself to save the doctor's life.

Panel 3
Skye smiles from the back of the police-car as the woman with the eyepatch calls the hospital to warn them about the extra hook-up on Mark's IV. Mark's not out of the woods yet, but at least he's safe from Doc Peyton.

Panel 4
View from behind Skye. He's handcuffed to a chair with his hands behind his back as the police explain that while they're sympathetic to his predicament, he can't just go into people's houses and beat them up.
Robotman, O.S: "I'll take it from here."

Last Panel
Long spread of Robotman, the Puerto Rican superhero who studies MS and AI in his spare time. He leans casually against the wall with his arms folded, decked out in a bright red suit that would look like a track suit if it didn't have hinges at his joints and wires in his hoodie. His eyes glow bright blue with some kind of implant threaded around them.
Robotman: "This one's going with me."