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Inside the Comic, Four Years Ago: Traitor, #10

New Skye Comic 10 Jun scary transform copia Hey folks, sorry to only post one comic this week, and a late one at that. It was a lot of work, and hence took me a lot longer. Next week’s should also be big and beautiful like this–look for it on Tuesday, or Friday, or, if this trend continues, on Saturday.

It also took me longer because I was busy taking a doctor test to become doctorly, and that requires a doctorly amount of time. So, yeah, doctor excuses.

The “Traitor” storyline really picks up from here!

↓ Transcript
Jun's driving Robot-man's truck-plane, with its pick-up-truck-bed and guns (for which he has permits), and Fermi's complaining, talking to her bugs.

Panel 1
The view is from the front window, past Jun's smirking face, to the truck bed behind her where Fermi and her threats linger trapped in a glass bottle as the vehicle sails over a cityscape.
Fermi: “We're going to eat her, yes we are, going to rip her skin off her cute little face with your beautiful jaws...”

Panel 2
Same as first, but Jun's face twitches dramatically--the entire shape changes, and tentacles of flesh pop out of it as if she's melting. Fermi hiccups mid-threat.
Fermi: “Going to eat her slowly and painfully, going to...”

Panel 3
Jun looks surprised and embarrassed, as if she's just burped--but far more seriously, as if that burp could kill people.
Fermi looks upset and angry in her fear.
Fermi: “Hey! What was that?"

Panel 4
Same. Jun's gagging back against the seat. Her melting, writhing face is now exposed to Fermi's view.
Fermi: “Stop it AAAAAH Stop it stop it!"

Panel 5
Outside view of the truck as it skids to a halt atop a building.

Panel 6
Jun stumbles out of the truck, hiding her face as her flesh melds and molts, blood seeping from her pores as she tears open her cape to cover herself. Fermi screams over this panel and the next in big, diagonal letters.