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Inde i tegneserien, Fire år siden: Forræder, #11

New Skye Comic Page 11

Ja, Jun forvandlet til juli. Virkelig begejstrede forklarer scifi dette. (Hvis du ved hvad en Barr krop er, du ’ re allerede halvvejs der)

↓ Transcript
Full-page image interrupted by three tiny panels to establish pause.

Panel 1
Jun hides under her cape in the fetal position. Blood seeps from under it.

Panel 2
Jun twitches under the cape. Flesh goops out from under it as the blood recedes, slurping back.
Fermi: “Oh, ew...”

Panel 3
Jun stops twitching.
Fermi: "...?”

In a large, full-width swoosh, the cape flies off after panel 3, behind the tiny overlaid panels, to reveal a well-built, graceful Asian woman with long hair. She looks a bit older than Jun, but still, perhaps, a teenager, with a much more pointed face, and wider eyes.
Fermi (terrified): “Who--what--who are you?”
Jun rises, now a completely different person. We see her from the back as the light shines harshly on her and Fermi stares, curled up like a child.
Jun/July: “Who am I? Why, I suppose I'm July.”