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Inde i tegneserien, Fire år siden: Forræder, #13

New Skye Comic Number 13

Zoome ind på det første panel!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
July walks out of the room as the doors close, one after the other, behind her. We only barely glimpse through the closing doors to the background of the room, and hear Fermi screaming.
Fermi: "No—don't leave me here! Come back—come back!"
There's a broken flower in the lobby of the dry-cleaner's, outside the secret headquarters.
Panel 2
Close-up view to the broken flower, up to July.
Panel 3
Jun stoops to lift the flower, bind it up with a little stick, and give it water. From the flower, we can see out the storefront window, to a mangy three-legged dog getting kicked.
Panel 4
Same panel as before, but we see July stooped outside, feeding the dog and comforting it.
Panel 5
View from dog, fading image: Jun twitches as she walks away.