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Inde i tegneserien, Fire år siden: Forræder, #24

Butterfly meets July...and Mark learns her secret.

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Panel 1: Close-up. July and BB face off.
Juli: You really screwed us both over this time!
BB: I don't believe we've met. Why am I here?

Panel 2:
Juli: Because you aided a criminal. If I were you, I'd take a long hard look at the company you keep...
July leaves, and around the corner she briefly shape-shifts, looking sadly at her melting fingers.
Juni/juli: ...You may soon regret your choice of friends.
In the corner hides Mark, listening in, and watching July's transformation.
Mark's headband: Recording. Recording video file Markfiles_1028.mp4. Send to: Skye. Emne: Shape-shifter. Message Text: I've found the traitor on your team.
Juli: It's a pity, Mark...

Panel 3:
July catches Mark at gunpoint.
Juli: ...you're the one I actually like.