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漫画の中, 4 年前: 裏切り者, #26


うっ、最後にこれを行って. 定期的に投稿することはそれほど困難でした! 私は本当に難しいが、このストーリーは、1月前に終了したしようとします. あわや!

↓ トラン スクリプト
パネル 1
Scythes member yanks Mark's head out of a frigid tank of water he's been dunking him in. In the distance, behind them, Butterfly looks on, bound.
Scythe: Had enough? Need a chance to breathe?
マーク: はい.
Scythe: Let's see you trigger your powers, その後、.
マーク: I don't have any, 馬鹿.
Scythe: I guessed as much. But hey, let's keep going, maybe I'll hold you under so long you'll grow gills.
マーク: Better close your eyes. Wouldn't want glass in them.
Scythe: 何?

パネル 2: Butterfly closes her eyes as blood spatters on her tank and the Scythe groans.
マーク: Wasn't talking to you.

パネル 3: Mark jerks his head backwards, knocking in the Scythe's nose. His bound hands grab at the gun on the Scythe's belt, firing it into the control panel on Butterfly's tank. When the control panel explodes, the tank breaks.

パネル 4:
蝶: Thank-you, マーク. Are you alright?
マーク: Nyeh.

パネル 5: Fermi's tank looms over Mark and Butterfly as they pass. She's horribly disfigured and transformed from the Scythes' torture, more of a bug now than a Bug-Woman.

Butterfly looks up at the Bug Woman with sympathy.
マーク: Don't even think about it.
蝶: She looks so sad...

パネル 6: Fermi's tank is open--Butterfly has let her out. She looms, her many claws reaching for Butterfly, as Butterfly reasons with her.
マーク: I said, don't. *Sigh*
蝶: 見て, I'm really sorry about what happened to you, フェルミ. What Jun and the Scythes did to you was wrong. Can we help you escape?
フェルミ: You can help me by dying!

パネル 7: Before Fermi can attack, Butterfly jumps and wraps her in a chokehold.
蝶: Do you know how often I hear that line? I don't have time to die right now!

パネル 8: Butterfly pounds Fermi into the ground, not even giving her a chance to use her powers.
蝶: Either you let us help you, or you stay here with the Scythes. No more fighting!