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Innerhalb der Comic, Vor vier Jahren: Verräter, #27


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Panel 1: Mark and Butterfly are surrounded. A robot-tank-suit looms over them.

Panel 2: Butterfly shields Mark with her wings as a hail of bullets richochet off her.
Enemy Leader: Drop your wings, or the tank fires!
Mark: Thank-you for not dropping your wings, thanks!
Schmetterling: You are welcome...? Did you think I would let you die?
Enemy Leader: I said, drop your--
Unknown voice: Eeeheeheehee!

Panel 3: Hautnah. One of the soldiers' legs, and boots. Bugs are emerging from the cracks behind him...a black spider with red markings on its body begins to crawl into his pants' let.
Cackling continues.
Voice: Eeeheeheehee!
Enemy Leader (frightened): Was war das?
Soldat: Warten, there's something crawling in my pants!

Panel 4: Chaos, as Fermi rises in a swarm of bugs, many times her original size, to destroy her captors. She's as large as the robotic tank, and an eerie glow shines from her eyes towards its driving window. Bugs buzz in the windshield; the robot-tank fires at her, but misses, unable to aim.
Below Fermi, soldiers are screaming, trying to climb out of the swarm of bugs as they're sucked in.
Mark and Butterfly have used Fermi's distraction to make their escape to an upper floor of the Scythes' complex. The Enemy Leader, behind Mark, with a gun towards his back, drops her weapon as Butterfly leaps towards her and disables her with a nonviolent pressure point pinch.

Mark reaches towards a cell phone on a far-off shelf.