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漫画の中, 4 年前: 裏切り者, #30


↓ トラン スクリプト
パネル 1: Robotman and July alone; スカイがなくなっています。.
7 月: And so you reject even the most innocent of traitors.
Robotman: I'm not rejecting him, hermana, I needed him to leave! He's wounded and overpowered, that fight would end with one of you dead.
7 月: And this one won't?
Robotman: 違います. We're best friends. You're going to stand down, and we're going to rescue Mark and Butterfly.
7 月: You're giving a lot of orders to the girl with two guns to your chest.
Robotman: You're not gonna shoot me, 6 月.
7 月: I'm not?

パネル 2: Robotman takes two bullets to the chest, with a loud pew-CLONG against his metal frame.

パネル 3: July whacks Robotman across the back of his head with a steel beam.
7 月: Huh.

パネル 4: As Robotman's eyes close, in the reflection of his blue visor we see July calling home.