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Dentro de la historieta, Hace cuatro años: Traidor, #33


Who is God?

Mine is not a bearded Caucasian man.

(In today’s representation-poor comics employment environment, sin embargo, many a comics writer is a bearded Caucasian man.)

If you were a comic character, would the writer be God? Or a god? Is there a difference between a god and God? Could your god change depending on your writer?

Or do you have to be more than justthe being that created meto qualify as God?

Only four more comics and we’re done with this storyline. Pretty scary, EH?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Skye sitting in Robotman's truck, playing with the lightning in his gloves, absently.
CAPTION (Thunder): "I'm confident you'll figure it out."
Skye (thought): she runs off to save human trafficking victims. I get that. But when the heroes need saving? Avenging? Who helps then?

Panel 2
Skye leans back against his seat, eyes shut, discouraged.
Skye (thought): Jun, how could you?
New bubble
How could you, how could I? She was kidnapping bad guys I brought in. That's why she liked to do the drop-offs, gah, why didn't one of us go with her? We just handed her the truck...this truck...

Panel 3
Skye sits up as a thought comes to him, his uniform lighting up with color.
Skye: Hold up, the GPS'll have a record of erry place she went!
Skye (thought): Oh, man, God, if you exist, please let this work, please!