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Inde i tegneserien, Fire år siden: Forræder, #34

ugh, Jeg har arbejdet på dette ene i så lang tid. Jeg er så ked af det. Det var lidt svært at finde ud af at sætte lyd inde i tegneserien som denne, som var vigtigt, fordi netop denne karakter har en slags meta-power: han ved, at han er i en tegneserie. Mange tak til Luso Matiti for at spille karakteren. Han er en cool dude!

Også, det har været vinter og sådan. Beklager. Jeg håber, at dette er i orden. Jeg føler crappy om det, men forhåbentlig det viste sig i hvert fald temmelig unik.

Også, YAY! Hvem bruger lyn…

↓ Transcript
Panel One
Jun/July, mid-transform, roars across the panel.

Just outside Panel 2
July yells, bending forward, stretching her face into--

Panel Two,
where she continues scolding a bound Butterfly. Behind Butterfly, a thug's just finished beating Mark senseless. Robotman's bound next to Butterfly, stripped of his armor and chained to a wheelchair.
Jun: "Stop trying to escape! Look what you've done to Mark! You want Skye captured, too? You're ruining everything!"
A cloaked figure enters.

Between Panel 2 and 3
Cloaked figure: "And that is why you must kill them now."

Inside the comic, but also between panels
July: "Robotman's Multiple Sclerosis may have triggered a genius gene. You need to study him now. That was the deal."
Robotman wheels himself quietly behind a guard and manages to clench his fist around a piece of his stolen armored suit.
Cloaked Figure: "There's no such thing. Finish it."

Panel 3
In Mark's eye, Robotman's reflection cuts one arm free, beginning to suit up as the guards scramble and scream around him. They'd forgotten the "cripple."
Mark chuckles.

Panel 4
Robotman bursts free and begins to fire on his enemies. July returns fire--only to have lightning strike from the side.
July: "What the--"