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漫画の中, 4 年前: 裏切り者, #35


What is going on???

↓ トラン スクリプト
Skye appears heroically.
スカイ島: I'm here too! For some reason, right at this moment, randomly...

Skye and Jun fight over the gun he knocked out of her hand.
スカイ島: 6 月, let's--
6 月: That's mine!

Mark fights with his captor, while Jun and Skye wrestle for the gun, and Robotman fights to get the rest of his armor back from the guards. Butterfly has discovered a random button that will "release all prisoners."
マーク: Go for it, 蝶!
Robotman: 6 月, there's still time to turn this around.
スカイ島: 6 月, why are you doing this?
7 月: My new boss just has a cooler hood than you do, Robotman.
Audio, outside of the panels, of the Scythe leader: It's true, I do have a cooler hood.
The Scythe leader teleports from one end of the panels to the other end to take the gun Skye and Jun are fighting over, and place it to Robotman's head.

スカイ島: 待機, where'd the gun go?
7 月: 違います! Don't touch him!

July suddenly has another gun, and she points it at the Scythe leader.
スカイ島: 待機, you have another gun? He can just teleport guns places, and you just have more?
7 月: I always have two.
鎌リーダー: Panel two. Http://becominghero.ninja/comic/inside-the-comic-four-years-ago-traitor-29/ It's in the panels.

スカイ島: 大丈夫, scary guy. 6 月, if you had two, why were you fighting me for taht one??
7 月: It's a good gun.
スカイ島: And like, why are you allowed to shoot Robotman, and that guy isn't? You literally were about to shoot him yourself when I came in!
7 月: I'm a safer shot. He'd be incapacitated but not killed.
スカイ島: 大丈夫, and he just ordered you to kill him. So are we done with this now? You're with us again?

An illustrator hand has entered the field. July looks confused, outside of the panels.
7 月: That's a good question, 実際に.