Dentro de la historieta, Hace cuatro años: Traidor, #36

Ella se está editando!


(Un webcomic informal en el mundo de HERO CONVIRTIÉNDOSE, la novela sobre un personaje de cómic que dispara a su autor, y el lector de cómics que puede tener que detenerse. Gran ficción de superhéroes meta para los fanáticos de Deadpool, Animal Man, El último gran héroe, Más extraño que la ficción, Superboy Prime, Ella Hulk, Cerebrus del Aardvark, Ambush Bug, y otra cuarta pared para romper el autor reunión “rabia contra el autor” tropists.)

↓ Transcript
Outside panel:

July: No, I'm sorry, but I've got to take you out. We're gathering these people's powers for an important mission. We have to take out the author.

Skye: The what?

Inside panel:

July (passionate, withdrawing the gun): No, they're like my family!

Outside panel:

July (more confused): Wait, what was that?

Robotman: Jun, I understand—it's your morph power getting to your head!

July: I haven't morphed at all!

Inside Panel:

Bad guy lets Robotman go and flees.

Scythe leader: We've got to get out of here--she's being edited!

Big middle frame panel:

Skye jumps for the Scythe leader--"you're not going anywhere!"

Everyone jumps for someone, but July stands confused in the center...trying to figure out what's happening to her mind.

Small inset panel:

Close-up of that guy's face, a little side-grin

Bottom panel:

He shoots Jun.