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スーパーヒーローのためのセラピー, P15 (彼の執筆者を撮影#comics文字に続編. #becominghero)

アップデート土曜日. アーティストネイサンSsagala.

ナターシャは、人身売買が滞りなくエスケープを発見した後、, 彼女は物理学のインターンシップとますます夢中になりました…



(の世界で非公式ウェブコミック BECOMING HERO, 彼の執筆者を撮影漫画キャラクターに関する小説, そして彼を停止する必要があります漫画本の読者は、. デッドプールのファンのための偉大なメタスーパーヒーロー小説, アニマルマン, ラスト・アクション・ヒーロー, 主人公は僕でした, Superboyのプライム, シー・ハルク, Cerebrusツチブタ, AmbushBug, およびその他の著者、会議tropists「著者に対する怒り」第4の壁破り。)

↓ Transcript
Two strips run down the page, one of history class, one of the lab, side by side in time as Natasha's driven to develop her own suit.

History Class, One left: Natasha whispers in class to Girl 1. “They got on a boat and lost the police somewhere on the bay. We were too slow.”

Lab, One right: Voice Over as she writes out some calculations and looks up some papers on the relationship between sonic waves and magnetism. “We? You're not a police officer, Nat.” “If I'd been faster I could've followed them myself.”

2 Left: Natasha tired in history class, slumping on her hands as they squish up her cheeks.

2 Right: Natasha in the lab, seeing if she can make sound waves into boots.

3 Left: Natasha walking dejectedly out of the police station, after asking questions.

3 Right: Natasha with the finished boots.

4 Left: Natasha draped over her desk, her eyes barely open.

4 Right: Natasha crashes with the boots.

5 Left: Natasha, asleep in class, with bruises covering her face and elbows.

5 Right: Natasha's rings.