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Therapie für Superhelden, p19 (Ein Prequel zum #comics Charakter, der seinen Autor schießt!. #becominghero)

Updates Samstagen. Künstler Ian Pineda.

Später, im Waisenhaus…

(Eine informelle Webcomic in der Welt der BECOMING HERO, der Roman über eine Comic-Figur, der seinen Autor schießt!, und die Comic-Leser, haben ihn zu stoppen. Große Meta-Superheld-Fiction für Fans von Deadpool, Animal Man, Last Action Hero, Schräger als Fiktion, Superboy-Prime, She-Hulk, Cerebrus die Aardvark, Ambush Bug, und andere Autoren-Treffen der vierte Wand brechende „Wut gegen den Autor“ tropists.)

↓ Transcript

Establishing wide-panel shot of the orphanage, surrounded by police officers.

Skye’s up close to the edge of the panel, like in this image: http://becominghero.ninja/comic/inside-the-comic-almost-five-years-ago-skye-origins-12/

Except he’s on the left side, and smaller, and there’s a lot of room to see the scene of the orphanage.

SKYE: Holy crap, that’s…familiar. Why is that familiar?


Tiny inset panel, Skye’s belt

BELT: All Guardians, on the roof.

SKYE: Great, we’re still avoiding the police. (do your lettering in a way that implies sarcasm; maybe make the words great wiggly)


Carl (Robotman) and Butterfly on the roof of the orphanage (design it as you like) as Natasha and Skye land.

ROBOTMAN: It’s a hostage situation. Children only, all the adults were thrown out. It’s the Scythe Mafia or whatever this combined force is now.

BUTTERFLY (holding a cellphone, with a picture of a blank white mask on it): They are certain there’s some kind of fortune hidden in one of the rooms, and they will not let anyone out until they have it.


Different perspective, looking at Skye and Natasha’s faces, now Robotman and Butterfly have their backs to us.

SKYE: That’s…a stretch.

NATASHA: Are you sure that’s the Mafia? I mean, that sounds like a crazy person move.

Robotman: Maybe not, mano. This was Jun’s orphanage. She was basically funding us with her hunt-money, and she always had everything in cash. It’s not impossible that she had that, or some kind of insane tech, holed up somewhere.

Butterfly: But they couldn’t know that. WE didn’t even know that, until recently. How would they know?


They’ve moved to the edge of the roof now.

Robotman: Ah, you’re right. It’s just a gut feeling.

ROBOTMAN: Okay so we’re going to come in from the back windows, top floor right below us. We’re coming in as a team so Butterfly and I can shield you, Skye, and you can fire electricity from behind us.

ROBOTMAN: So Thunder, what is this? You’re with us now?

(P.S. Beginner example of using lettering colors to make it easier to understand what people are saying when there is too much text: http://becominghero.ninja/comic/inside-the-comic-four-years-ago-traitor-18/

Also bubble shapes: http://becominghero.ninja/comic/inside-the-comic-four-years-ago-traitor-19/

Sometimes as a writer I put in too much text. That above is an example of way too much text. My goal is not to do that to you)

THUNDER/NATASHA: You seem to be down one. Seems like a slot’s opened up.

ROBOTMAN (smiling): Okay. You stay behind Butterfly and me, fire over us, okay mami?


THUNDER (little smile smirk as they’re climbing in the window from the outside): Roger that “papi.”