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Terapi for superhelte, p21 (En prequel til den #comics figur, der skyder sin forfatter. #becominghero)

opdateringer lørdage. Kunstner Ian Pineda.

(Et uformelt webcomic i verden af BLIVE HERO, romanen om en tegneserie karakter, der skyder sin forfatter, og den tegneserie læser, der kan have til at stoppe ham. Stor meta superhelt fiktion for fans af Deadpool, Animal Man, Den sidste actionhelt, Stranger Than Fiction, Superboy-Prime, Hulky, Cerebrus den Aardvark, AmbushBug, og andre forfatter-møde fjerde-væg-breaking ”raseri mod forfatter” tropists.)

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Robotman falls to the floor with all the electronics in his suit sparking, and his arm-cannon cracking. Everyone else around him looks shocked in their own way—Butterfly is reaching/sliding for him dramatically, concerned and gentle; Skye’s eyes wide and he’s curled up a bit as he’s almost jumping back in surprise, bumping into Natasha who’s calm but confused. Basically arrange them, by their reactions, from closest to Robotman to furthest away, so there’s a line drawn height-wise: Robotman’s on the floor, Butterfly’s bending/sliding/kneeling to catch him, Skye’s taller over her but curled up a bit in surprise, and Natasha’s standing tallest, almost catching Skye, kind of like those evolution pictures but not funny.

Panel 2:

Small 1/8 panel.
Butterfly holding Robotman, one arm around his head and a finger on his wrist.
Robotman: Butterfly, chica, I’m fine, my suit’s just not working, and heavy—

Panels 3 and 4 are situated so that panel 3 is on the right side of the page, and panel 4 on the left, below panel 2. This is so that the characters can talk between the panels. Word balloons will need to situate nicely under each other, all connected by connectors, coming from one balloon tail from the characters’ mouths, so that it’s very easy to understand what’s up.

Before you draw these, please read this page, but especially the part about connectors:

Some more on lettering I’d like you to read:

Panel 3:

Large panel, like a ¼ page, of Skye and Natasha gearing up their powers. It’s a close-up, like from the knees to the head of both of them in dramatic superhero poses with lightning sparking around Skye’s gloves and sound waves starting up around Natasha’s gloves. Her rings will need to be clearly visible (http://becominghero.ninja/get-natashas-rings/).

Don’t forget to keep the background. Backgrounds are important!

Panel 4:

Psych’s facial features are clearly visible beneath the white cloth mask—as in, you can see the grooves of nose, wrinkles around the mouth, the angry brows—you know what I mean.

He is enraged, yelling, pointing, whatever makes it look like he’s flipped and is a little crazy. He is a very volatile, violent person.

This is the conversation between their panels.

Psych: NO!
Psych, new word bubble: Don’t even try me!

Skye: You’ve more than asked for it.

Psych: I will destroy him.

Thunder: You’re bluffing. You EMP’d his suit, that’s all you got.

Psych: Oh no, I can do more. I know all the weaknesses of Carlos Serra Rivera, even the ones his team does not know.

Skye: You know, you’re not our Mom, we’re not scared when you say our last names.

Psych: Silence! Silence or I will kill him!

Thunder: Do it then.

Panel 5:

Butterfly: Stand down, both of you!
Her pose should be a transition between last panel with her in it and the next one.