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スーパーヒーローのためのセラピー, P22 (彼の執筆者を撮影#comics文字に続編. #becominghero)

アップデート土曜日. アーティストイアン・ピネダ.

はい, shの* tはちょうど奇妙です. 彼は精神の少しです.

(の世界で非公式ウェブコミック BECOMING HERO, 彼の執筆者を撮影漫画キャラクターに関する小説, そして彼を停止する必要があります漫画本の読者は、. デッドプールのファンのための偉大なメタスーパーヒーロー小説, アニマルマン, ラスト・アクション・ヒーロー, 主人公は僕でした, Superboyのプライム, シー・ハルク, Cerebrusツチブタ, AmbushBug, およびその他の著者、会議tropists「著者に対する怒り」第4の壁破り。)

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:

Robot-man is struggling to get up. Butterfly is center panel, taking command of the scene and rising towards the viewer.
Butterfly: Let this man tell us what he wants. Sir, what do you want?

Panel 2:
It should be apparent in this panel, or the previous one, that they are surrounded by multiple gunmen now, who entered in the commotion of last page.

Natasha: What does he want?!
Butterfly: Hush, you. Sir?

Panel 3:
Again, Psych’s expressions should be very obvious under his colorless cloth mask. He’s very smug here, looking at his nails, suddenly quite calm, very fancy.

The soldiers are throwing the room apart and punching holes in the wall.

Psych: Nothing, now. Since you came in through this room, I know this is the room of your former teammate. If you will kindly leave, we will search, and my women will release the hostages.
Skye: Women—most of these dudes are dudes!
Psych: Ah, so if it’s a mixed group we’re supposed to call it men, are we, and ignore the women? You intolerant --

Panel 4:
Psych: Imbecile!

Psych flips out and punches through the wall, rage and redness around him. He flips like a coin, like a crazy person.

Panel 5:
The teenagers all look shocked and kind of scared. Psych stands there with his hand dripping blood, clutching a pink Hello-kitty bag with a clear window showing some test tubes and pills.
Psych: Ladies, we’re done here.
Soldier: Chopper’s about to land, ma’am.
Psych: Good.