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Therapy for Superheroes, Page 11 (A prequel to the #comics character who shoots his author. #becominghero)

Updates Saturdays. Artist Nathan Ssagala.


(An informal webcomic in the world of BECOMING HERO, the novel about a comic book character who shoots his author, and the comic book reader who may have to stop him. Great meta superhero fiction for fans of Deadpool, Animal Man, Last Action Hero, Stranger than Fiction, Superboy-Prime, She-Hulk, Cerebrus the Aardvark, AmbushBug, and other author-meeting fourth-wall-breaking “rage against the author” tropists.)

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
“What do you mean, you don't believe in impossible?” American history class. Teacher's dialogue.
Natasha: “I don't think it's right for someone who doesn't know the future to decide if someone else should live or die. You don't know that baby's going to have a bad life just because he's got Down Syndrome or whatever. Isn't that ablist? Isn't it possible for that person's life to be just as worthwhile as mine?”
Panel 2
Teacher sighs. “You always do this, Natasha. First you're saying Margaret Sanger's a racist, then you're off on this handicapped tangent. Will you just let the rest of us get back to the 1930s history you actually need to know?”
Panel 3
Nat: “That's a good question, actually: why didn't you mention her KKK connections? That doesn't matter to you? Are you also planning on overlooking the Tuskegee syphilis studies, or the 1930s American euthanasia movement?”
Teacher: “We're done. Out. You know where to go.”
Panel 4
Natasha's house, outside. Talking, parent's voices O.S.
“You got sent to the Principal's office again? And then you skipped detention?”
“I had to get to my internship on time. I don't have time for this mediocrity.”