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スーパーヒーローのためのセラピー, ページ 11 (彼の執筆者を撮影#comics文字に続編. #becominghero)

アップデート土曜日. アーティストネイサンSsagala.


(の世界で非公式ウェブコミック BECOMING HERO, 彼の執筆者を撮影漫画キャラクターに関する小説, そして彼を停止する必要があります漫画本の読者は、. デッドプールのファンのための偉大なメタスーパーヒーロー小説, アニマルマン, ラスト・アクション・ヒーロー, 主人公は僕でした, Superboyのプライム, シー・ハルク, Cerebrusツチブタ, AmbushBug, およびその他の著者、会議tropists「著者に対する怒り」第4の壁破り。)

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
“What do you mean, you don't believe in impossible?” American history class. Teacher's dialogue.
Natasha: “I don't think it's right for someone who doesn't know the future to decide if someone else should live or die. You don't know that baby's going to have a bad life just because he's got Down Syndrome or whatever. Isn't that ablist? Isn't it possible for that person's life to be just as worthwhile as mine?”
Panel 2
Teacher sighs. “You always do this, Natasha. First you're saying Margaret Sanger's a racist, then you're off on this handicapped tangent. Will you just let the rest of us get back to the 1930s history you actually need to know?”
Panel 3
Nat: “That's a good question, actually: why didn't you mention her KKK connections? That doesn't matter to you? Are you also planning on overlooking the Tuskegee syphilis studies, or the 1930s American euthanasia movement?”
Teacher: “We're done. Out. You know where to go.”
Panel 4
Natasha's house, outside. Talking, parent's voices O.S.
“You got sent to the Principal's office again? And then you skipped detention?”
“I had to get to my internship on time. I don't have time for this mediocrity.”