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スーパーヒーローのためのセラピー, ページ 12 (彼の執筆者を撮影#comics文字に続編. #becominghero)

アップデート土曜日. アーティストネイサンSsagala.


(の世界で非公式ウェブコミック BECOMING HERO, 彼の執筆者を撮影漫画キャラクターに関する小説, そして彼を停止する必要があります漫画本の読者は、. デッドプールのファンのための偉大なメタスーパーヒーロー小説, アニマルマン, ラスト・アクション・ヒーロー, 主人公は僕でした, Superboyのプライム, シー・ハルク, Cerebrusツチブタ, AmbushBug, そして他の著者の会議第四壁破り “著者に対する怒り” tropists。)

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (full-width, thin panel, establishing shot)
Mother and Natasha.
Mother: “Honey, you can't graduate if you don't pass history.”
Natasha: “GED. Awesome AP scores. Perfect SAT. College-level experimental physics internship. Do I even need to graduate?”

Panel 2
Mother's disapproving glare.

Panel 3
Natasha looks down.
(Panel 2 and 3 are diagonally arranged across the page, leading into a big half-page spread below)

Panel 4
Natasha leads a group out to help the homeless.
Nat: “I think we should just end World Hunger.”
Girl 1: “What do you mean, end World Hunger? That's not how that works, Nat.”
Nat: “Creative solutions take new minds. Did you know the world's top billionaires have enough money, combined, to provide food for all the world's hungry? Maybe we could start a letter-writing campaign convincing them to pool their resources into Kiva or some other sustainable development solution—we're the Knights of Compassion, after all.”
Girl 1: “Why can't we just be the Service Club?”
Girl 2: “Let Natasha have her crazy name.”
Girl 1: “We sound like a cult.”
Girl 2: “That's what makes it cool!”
Girl 3 (further back): “Did you see his face when I--”
Girl 4 listens attentively to Girl 3, giggling.