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スーパーヒーローのためのセラピー, ページ 8. (彼の執筆者を撮影#comics文字に続編. #becominghero)

アップデート土曜日, アーティストネイサンSsagala.



(の世界で非公式ウェブコミック BECOMING HERO, 彼の執筆者を撮影漫画キャラクターに関する小説, そして彼を停止する必要があります漫画本の読者は、. デッドプールのファンのための偉大なメタスーパーヒーロー小説, アニマルマン, ラスト・アクション・ヒーロー, 主人公は僕でした, Superboyのプライム, シー・ハルク, Cerebrusツチブタ, AmbushBug, そして他の著者の会議第四壁破り “著者に対する怒り” tropists。)

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Dialogue continues from the “you gotta start somewhere” into Natasha putting up signs for her help-the-homeless club. Ironically enough, someone else says that. They're trying to get her to join NHS, and she's very not about point systems. She wants to make an actual difference.

“Just make the signs, Natasha, and donate some toothpaste.”
Natasha: “I don’t have time to buy toothpaste! I want to actually go out and help people!”
Teacher: “These are the NHS sanctioned activities, Nat. You gotta start somewhere.”

Panel 2
Nat — walking away: “I’ll start somewhere. I’ll start my own club.”

Panel 3
Natasha out on the street with four other girls, all different sizes (some skinny, some fat, etc).

Girl 1: “So we’re helping the homeless?”
Girl 2: “We don’t have anything they need.”
Girl 3: “I have five bucks.”
Natasha: “That’s twelve hot dogs, right there. People need food.”
Girl 4: “You’ve gotta start somewhere.”

Panel 4
They’re in the supermarket, buying hot dogs. Natasha is walking on the edge of one of the shelves.

Natasha: “We’ll get bigger, of course. Go to the root of things.”
Girl 1: “What do you mean, the root?”
Natasha: “Well, why are people homeless?”
Girl 2: “Because they’re doing drugs?”
Natasha: “False, but okay, sure. Why is someone doing drugs?”

Panel 5: Still in the supermarket

Girl 3: “Because…they’re dumb?”
Natasha: “Is your older brother dumb?”
Girl 3: “My mom thinks he is.”
Natasha: “Maybe he’s sad, or hopeless, and drugs make him feel better. Maybe the root is whatever’s keeping him from dreaming big.”
Girl 3: “You can’t just ‘solve’ people like that, Natasha.”