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Therapy for Superheroes, Page 9. (A prequel to the #comics character who shoots his author. #becominghero)

Updates Saturdays. Artist Nathan Ssagala.


(An informal webcomic in the world of BECOMING HERO, the novel about a comic book character who shoots his author, and the comic book reader who may have to stop him. Great meta superhero fiction for fans of Deadpool, Animal Man, Last Action Hero, Stranger than Fiction, Superboy-Prime, She-Hulk, Cerebrus the Aardvark, AmbushBug, and other author-meeting fourth-wall-breaking “rage against the author” tropists.)

↓ Transcript
Panel 1

Natasha pulls a textbook out of her backpack and waves it like a Bible.

Natasha: “See this textbook? There are over 300 questions in here. I haven’t solved all of them yet, but I'm trying because I know they all have solutions. Even the hard ones. We're not given problems without solutions.”
Girl 3: “There isn't some textbook-writer out there making up mathematically-possible world problems, Natasha!”
Natasha: “You can think that. You can think whatever you want. But I'm gonna think up a solution.”