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I spent years putting together the right resources, and oh so much money trying out the wrong ones. And now FOR YOU

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Click up there for your free book, or click these words instead. = ) Have funzies.

Why free? Well, you sexy, cynical little bastard, I am chained by strong religious beliefs that date back to the days of dragons–

Basically I have a strong belief that creation should be cheaper for everyone, and everything out there for comics-marketing costs an arm and a leg. It’s well nigh impossible to break into the space without tons of luck or disposable income, and that’s not fair. That’s NOT the case in indie BOOK marketing, which long ago learned to become inclusive, and my time in that sphere gave me some pretty cool resource opportunities.

And, if you want to be further cynical, heck, maybe it’s free because I figure you will like my booklet so much that you will pay me money when you’re done reading it. You’re certainly welcome to do so if you feel so inclined (I’ve got donation buttons on my main page), but quite honestly, some of y’all really need to calm your cynical titmice. At some point a free thing really is a free thing. Calm your titmice. Calm them! Now!

Too real? I thought so. = P *Smoochy face* Click away, my darling dragon hunter, and plunder my gems. -_^