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How are you celebrating #StarWars40th anniversary? #supergear

It’s been a while since I’ve dropped you a supergear post, but here it is! This is one of those geeky supergear posts, as in, gear that is super for geeksbecause one of my favorite geek franchises hits its 40th anniversary this year. How are you celebrating?

  1. ThinkGeek is giving away limited edition totebags with basically the best design ever on them–ご存知のとおり, that awesome classic StarWars poster? お願いだから, son. (ANH40 is the secret code to get them)

2. This is a real thing. A selfie stick that is a lightsaber. なんということ. For the nerdiest Instagram ever. さらに, I love how the implication in the image is the Darth Vader takes selfies.

3. Change your silverware into StarWars silverware???

(There’s also R2D2 measuring cups if you want that, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Ezekiel and hisCook’s Guide to the Force,” which I totally backed. The project didn’t make it, but it looks like there might still be a way to get the book? 知りません. I haven’t gotten mine yet, but it looks rad.)

4. なんてこと, if you’re a high roller, get Kylo Ren’s…ような…almost $3000 watch?

It’s actually kind of terrifying. What’s even more terrifying is that Kylo’s watch is like quadruple what Han Solo’s watch costs? Where is the respect, 男? The watch is pretty cool, all inspired by the Kessel Run and all:

It’s limited edition with Miyota Japanese quartz movement and a 13JS mechanical 3-hand with crown placement at 3 o’clock, which means a lot to watch people but very little to me, so you better click on over there before my ignorance starts to infect you. There’s a cool abstract Millenium Falcon on the second hand, and it’s very classy. だから, my question is, Han’s watch, or Kylo’s watch? あなたは “free tote bagkinda person, or aHOLY CRAP SPEND A CAR’S WORTH ON A WATCHkinda person?

Let me know how you’re celebrating.