Es difícil vencer a una persona que nunca se rinde. #superheroalert # inspiración

imágenesRecuerdas esos momentos? Aquellos en los que un superhéroe te hace contener la respiración. Cuando Barry Allen, en Flashpoint, se levanta y comienza a correr a pesar de que hay un gran pico atascado en sus cuádriceps. Cuando Peter Parker, al final de la serie de cómics Ultimate Spiderman, se inclina ante los espectros de todos los enemigos a los que se ha enfrentado, y se levanta para seguir luchando. Esos momentos en los que todo esta roto, pero el héroe no se rinde.

Esos momentos…que nos hacen querer convertirnos en superhéroes.

For you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.It’s a line from a historic letter written to a persecuted people group who’d lost their property and become second-class citizens because of their minority status. They’d lost friends, jobs, communitya lot of the things that help define our identities as human beings. Todavía, the writer tells them not to give up, not to bow down to temptation, even though they’ve lost so much, because they’re still alive. “You have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.As long as you’re alive, you’re not allowed to give up.

Do we really help others to the point of shedding our blood? Do we even help others to the point of “Oh, this is a minor inconvenience”?

Si quieres convertirte en un superhéroe, you’re going to have to push far beyond the normal boundaries of convenient for others, into what becomes painful.

You’re going to have to stop giving up.