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Meet Austin Willacy – the voice behind Jace.

Austin Willacy is the award-winning singer, song-writer, voice actor, and activist who joined the #BecomingHero project to voice Jace, the nervous #blerd who must decide between the real world and the comic book world when he discovers his roommate’s a comic book character. Willacy ended up producing the entire audiobook, which you can download for free with a free trial of Audible. He joined the project because of his keen sense of social justice, but his record of award-winning voice excellence speaks for itself.

This is his #BecomingHero page, where we’ll highlight a few of his #superheroalerts and achievements. Please visit his website and Twitter for more updated information.



In 2018, Austin and his co-writer, Ariel Thiermann won a Posi–Positive Music Award–for the Social Justice category at the 13th annual Posi Awards.

The song that won is “Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take”, from the documentary with the same name.

They were nominated by Gary Malkin, the scorer of the film and producer of the song, and awarded by emPower, an organization that was founded to amplify the awareness and impact of positive, empowering art.

In case you’re itchin’ to hear “Thrive” now:

“Thrive” is the theme song to “THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take”, a film about the Thrive Movement which aims, among other things, to decentralize power from government and corporations to the common man.

In 2017, Austin was the only non-Indian to attend the Yes World India Arts Jam, where writers, film makers, actors, dancers, singers & poets from a number of different parts of India created a space where people could connect deeply, slow down, recharge their batteries, and explore ways to leverage their artistry to create social change.

In addition, Willacy ended up doing a voice-over for one of the film makers’ documentaries!