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Ongoing Calls for Hands-On Heroism (Plus, list of organizations this fiction helps. Post your own needs, too! #superheroalert #help)

I want to create a real-life hero network. SCROLL DOWN for #superheroalerts: tips, hero highlights, and calls for you to make a difference like an ordinary person can. Or, click READ MORE for the list of nonprofits I support monthly (your purchases help), or to answer or post special requests for hardcore, life-changing, above-and-beyond superheroism. Choose your adventure!Disclaimer: special calls below for above-and-beyond actual super-heroism. This stuff will change your entire life. These aren’t job listings. You will not have an easier life or become rich from doing any of these. Minimal support. If you want to respond to a call, e-mail me at jen@becominghero.ninja.

*You can post your own needs for a hero if you e-mail me. (If your life is in immediate danger, please call 911; if they ARE the danger please also e-mail and we can try to find some advocacy support)*


NEEDED: Prison business consultant. Someone with business experience to train ex-cons and help establish their own small businesses.

NEEDED: Website creator to help build a “crowdfunded legal system”, so that anyone, even if they don’t have a huge special interest group, can use their particular expertise to format detailed, NONPARTISAN ideas into proper legislative format and create crowd campaigns to send to government. Scientific legislation into the hands of the scientists; peace legislation in the hands of non-politicians; etc etc.

NEEDED: Sexual assault watch. Need someone with conflict avoidance/defusing and martial arts experience to head ANONYMOUSLY to selected bars, college parties, parking lots and watch for risk factors for sexual assault. Report and prevent. Preferably has some psychology training. Not a vigilante–not looking for people to beat up. E-mail for deets.

NEEDED: Gamer child protection. Someone to play COD, MMORPGs, etc as a young teenage boy/girl, take screenshots and information of child predators, and send to police.


Project Paraguay

Voice of the Martyrs

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

No Kid Hungry

World Hope International (Anti-Trafficking)

Her Future Coalition

As Our Own (Anti-Trafficking, India)


Agape International Missions (East Asia anti-trafficking SWAT teams)

Anderson Chapel (Food bank, low-income housing, etc)

Open Doors International

I Heart Iran


Compassion International (Child Sponsorship)

Christian Relief Fund (Child Sponsorship, anti-poverty)

Feminists For Life

Save the Storks

For the Children (Private Liberian Orphanage run by Isabel)

Human Coalition



Faith comes by Hearing