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5 Free Social Media Tools To Automate Your Social Media – For #Comics Creators (Spend more time making stuff!) #indiecomics


Here’s my cheatsheet for the TOP FIVE free social media automators for comics creatives and superhero novelists. Almost all my social media is completely automatic, and yet it updates daily or every time I make something. That’s hundreds of hours saved for creating! We all know that to truly connect with fans you’ve got to get personal sometimes, and get on there and talk to them. But when you’re busy making stuff, it’s nice to have someone (or something) else do your talking for you. I use:

  • IFTTT: Connect anything to anything so you can post to social media automatically from Blogspot or non-Wordpress websites
  • BulkBuffer with Buffer: Upload multiple future tweets and FB messages at one time
  • Social Networks Auto-Poster: Post to most social media sites automatically
  • Blog2Social: Post to all social media sites at once
  • Revive.Social or Revive Old Posts: Automatically re-post your old posts

More info, and full reviews of all of these, in the free booklet!