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5 Sites for Comic Writers to Find Artists #iartg #makecomics

Listed with some varying information below:

1. Upwork.com
I used to work as a freelancer on this site myself; now I use Upwork to hire everyone from artists
to social media experts. I’ve had the best experience personally with Majority World (low income
nation) artists—I got kind of annoyed when the American college student I hired failed to
complete any actual work.

On the other hand, I was also a young creator from a wealthy nation, and I formed serious long-
lasting business relationships on this site, so, you know. Just make sure you take advantage of

Upwork’s review system and completion policy requirements to protect yourself. Make sure you
make the requirements of the job clear up front, and if necessary consult a legal advisor.
That really goes for all of the below.

2. https://forum.deviantart.com/jobs/offers/
You can post your active job request on this forum, or just browse Deviantart for the art style you
like and contact an artist directly! Make sure to follow the forum rules. I like this website because
it won’t cost you anything extra to find good talent.

3. https://www.freelancer.com/
Like Upwork, but pricier. Less regulated market (wider range of skill levels), to my understanding.
Lots of design talent available here.

4. Fiverr.com
Don’t expect to get your full two-page technicolor action scene here for five bucks—think more
like a small strip, or like you can discover a neat art gig that leads you to the artist you end up
contracting long-term. I found my website designer and several formatting jobs for my books
through this site.

5. https://creativepool.com
Like a social media site for creatives.

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