cucharas ingeniosos: Conectando artistas con enfermedades crónicas a través del #art #superheroalert

Hola SuperPeeps! Hoy tenemos que hablar de arte, y sobre cómo, a veces, convertirse en héroe significa celebrar los sueños de otra persona.. Las ONG están descubriendo esto, también–en lugar de repartir caridad, o un ahorro único, ¿Cómo puedes ayudar a alguien a salvarse??Artful Spoons

#ArtfulSpoons es un hashtag y una cuenta en Twitter que celebra el arte de #spoonies, o personas que padecen enfermedades crónicas. Charlamos con alex, quien maneja la cuenta.

What got you started in celebrating spoonie art?

Hello I am SethFan4EVA and I am the host of .

I had started to become more active on Twitter and wanted a way to connect with other chronically ill artists. After cruising , I decided to start my own hashtag. I was inspired by other people doing similar work, como y . I also learned some ideas from other hashtags that spoonies were using to connect, como y .

What’s your favorite piece you’ve been able to feature lately?

So far we haven’t featured any particular artist. The hashtag itself functions as a gallery, where artists choose for themselves what to share on Gallery Night. I used to try to retweet all of the original artwork on from my personal account, but now I will use the official account to do so. benefits from participation, both from the artists who participate as well as the people who browse, como, and retweet the artwork. People can follow on Twitter for more updates.

What kinds of changes has featuring spoonie art made in the lives of the artists you’ve featured?

Yo creo que encourages people to make more art, and helps artists connect to one another.

What tips would you give to others who want to start organizations to help others?

I do not know what advice I can give, since I am still learning myself. I can say that asking for advice is definitely a good idea. What I do with is relatively simple, but I still needed a lot of help from other more experienced organizers to get started.

The most important lesson I have learned from this journey has been, sometimes when you have a good idea, other people will show up and help you make it a reality. I have also seen that this is not always the case. A lot of people have to collaborate to make something like this work.

What’s the next step inbecoming a superherofor you guys?

The next step for is establishing itself at the new account and continuing to attract artists and audience to the monthly Virtual Gallery Nights.

Thanks for chatting, Alex!

I know some of the SuperPeeps will want to check out the hashtags linked above, and try to support some of the art of folks with chronic diseases. If you’d like to read about a superhero with multiple sclerosis, puedes obtener Origins: the Guardian Anthology over at Indiegogo.

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