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Best time for comics creators and authors to email our lists? Thoughts on the new Mailerlite study

Just wanted to share this blog post I just got from Mailerlite on the best time to send a newsletter to your list. Figured it was important enough that you’d want to know. The answer is pretty conclusively 10 AM.

I was wondering, though–given that the actually is no really statistically significant difference between the days, and we write/draw fiction, I wonder if it’s reasonable for creators like us to trial weekends?

I was thinking this because:

1) everyone currently sends email on T/Th.

2) after this report, everyone will probably be sending M/W.

3) people who read fiction don’t really have time to do it during their workday–while they might be reading a productivity email or other work-related marketing thing, I feel like an email that really takes time to digest will automatically go into the “read later” bin to be forgotten. They see a story, and they say “oh, neat, I’ll get to that later.” That’s my guess, anyway, based on what my email list readers have said.

So I wonder if we get more read-through and click-thru rates for fiction on the weekend? Conversely, I wonder if people on my relaxation list will open that more after they’ve had a stressful day at work, on Monday evening at that 5-6 PM mark or the 7-8 bump on the graph?

It’s a huge risk to send on the weekend. Everyone I know who knows anything about email sends says to avoid it like the plague. But I’d be curious about the numbers for fiction creators. And I’d kind of like to crunch the numbers.

If you have a moment, do you think you contact me with a tiny bit of data on your best email campaigns? Just the subject line, send time, send date, and open and click through rates. I’ll crunch the data from everyone I’ve got and see what I find! Just send me a message at jen (at) becominghero (dot) ninja. In the meantime, you’re welcome to join my little Superhero Creator Promo group. It’s a special little group where we run big promos to support all of our work.

Let’s rock emails!