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Bits ‘N Pieces: Getting back to the Webcomic with a big announcement: new artist!

Working on the last two pages of this storyline. You can keep a little layer in Gimp where you’ve got your ideas all scribbled out, so this is an image of that with the picture over it. Then I delete the ideas layer as I work.

And then for the next storyline, there will be a different artist stepping in! I’m really excited for you guys to meet Connie. Her coloring is really pretty and I think she’ll do a really fun job for this next little story line. We’re going to make her a little Patreon and everything.

Speaking of artists: ANNIE! Annie is great! Annie lives over at http://zerochan923600.deviantart.com/, and what you can’t see from her DeviantArt is that she’s creating the comic within the novel for Becoming Hero! I’ll share some excerpts of the art she’s working on next week, but backers of my Indiegogo (http://igg.me/at/BecomingHero/) will get images tomorrow. So if you’re an Indiegogo Backer, please check your e-mail tomorrow!