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ビットN’ 小品: 私が取り組んでいるインタビュー, と巨大な発表!

Oh man, it’s been crazy here. Website down, アップ, ダウン, up again, 男. I did go for a five mile walk through some lovely fall pond-studded woods the other day, and I drank some tea, and wore my fuzzy purple pants, so that’s good. I also got to lay in bed sick stewing in my snot for a day, which was great, because that’s the only time I really restwhen I’m sick.

But anyway!

I just wanted to make sure you guys got to see the cool interviews I’ve cooked up! This week, I interviewed scifi author Doug Wallace about how he grew his twitter following, and I thought I’d share his tips with you! I also wrote a little article about how writers can stop just finding writers, and start finding READERS on twitter, so if you’re a writer, check that out. As you may already know, I interviewed two comics creators in the Making Comics section about how to crowdfund for comics, and I interviewed a musician about how he’s using his music to plant trees.

That last one’s for my #SuperheroAlert seriesposts about people taking steps towards heroism, and about the steps 我々 can take to one day become superheroes. I’m really excited about tomorrow’s interview with an abuse survivor, so I hope you’ll check that out.


Deep breath.

だから, you all know Becoming Hero’s coming out next year, and the details have been a little fuzzy for some of you. It’s time to make them clear.

I wanted to do Becoming Hero’s release on my own because I want to make it fun. I want to be able to have a cool cover artist who’s done covers for Marvel and DC. I want to be able to create a comic book 内部 ブック, so that as Jace is reading his comics あなたがしています reading his comics, because this is meta as funk. I want to be able to pay an indie artist, fairly, to make those comics way more beautiful than I ever could, and I want to get great voice actors for the audio book. I want to give away short stories, a cookbook, actual physical artifacts from the story, and have some really fun parties and contests

And more importantly than any of that, I want to actually make a difference.

So for the crowdfunding initiative for the comics inside the book, I’m going to start cleaning up the streets in the town where I live.

And I want to invite you to do it with me.

私が言いたいのは, ような, 文字通り. There’s a ton of trash littering the island, and this crowdfunding initiative has me motivated to get us all up and at it! We’re going to have a contest, with prizes for the Superpeep who cleans up the most trash in their hometown. We’re also going to have a prize for the Superpeep who stacks up the most volunteering hours at a qualifying charity during the time of the initiative, and we’re going to brainstorm some great ways to use comics and books to bring joy to the homeless, and maybe to some other at-risk populations, if we’re lucky.

All that requires people-power. Can you help me recruit people to help me do cool things when January 15 hits?

Let’s keep in touch.