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Bits N’ Pieces: Prizes I’m working on!

One of the reasons I decided to go this one alone, instead of working with a publishing company like all my previous works: I really want the power to make cool prizes for you guys!

Check out this pic I’m working on.

Guardians goofing around

This awesome wood-burner, Robert from BurntMyselfOnce, is gonna turn it into a cool plaque, and also a box cover. There’s gonna be a special way to win that plaque, and there’s only going to be one like it in the whole world when it’s done! You can check out his other works on his Instagram @burntmyselfonce, and watch the progress as this plaque progresses.

What other cool prizes do you think you’d like to have? What would make you feel cool sharing Becoming Hero with your friends?

Let me know.