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Bits ‘n Pieces: Working on Tomorrow’s Comic! #makingcomics #superheroes

So, so rough! I can’t always make up my mind for the line art, whether to use dark, dynamic lines that change width via pressure, or those soft sketchy lines I used on Jun outside of the panel in the second row. For this particular comic, since it’ll be hopping back and forth between inside and outside the panels, I decided I’ll use soft sketchy lines outside the panels, and “comic-ish” lines inside, except for the Vision, who’s that new guy in the lower corner of the page. I’m not sure I want to introduce his face, like I’m doing in this panel, so I may actually just shadow it out after coloring. His face is kind of based on my friend Luso, who’ll be doing the voice for his character.

Yup, this one’s gonna have voices, again! This time, I’m going to incorporate all of the Vision’s dialogue into mp3s below each panel, in response to the dialogue that’s inside the panels. It’s gonna be pretty crazy, so I might be super-late this week, we’ll see.

What are you working on?