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Child’s Play Donates Toys To Kids In Hospitals and Abuse Shelters #superheroalert Check them out @CPCharity

For your superheroalert today, I’d like to mention Penny Arcade’s Child Play charity. They donate toys and video games to suffering children in abuse shelters and hospitals–just to bring a little bit of light to dark young lives.

It’s hard to imagine anything more innocuous and sweet.

Best of all, their yearly auction dinner is going virtual this year (2020), which means YOU can attend, bid on some crazy awesome prizes and gifts for yourself and your family, and give those proceeds to help kids! Rad, right? Check out the auction here. Or, watch the video below!

And of course, if you’d like to get started on your own hero journey–you know, go beyond reading about superheroes, fictional or otherwise, and break into your own story–then get in with me here.